Thursday, September 19, 2013

Perler bangle bracelets

We are in the rainy season here and the princesses needed a crafty activity.  They love crafts and making projects.  One of the best advice that I received from the missionaries we came to work with was, "bring craft supplies for the kids."  This came from the wise wife and mom.  {smile}  Each time I'm in the States I gather colored paper, felt, sequins, glitter, google eyes, etc.  Best use of suitcase space.

Perler Beads (the melting beads) are so cool.  And a great time consumer....especially if you keep bumping your little board.  There are so many color options.  The one the girls enjoyed the most was making bangled bracelets.  We got the bracelet inspiration from the southern institute blog!
They are tough and waterproof!  Which went well with the water fight they did in the afternoon!
It started with playing in the sprinkler on the plastic, went to water balloons, then catching the water balloons in pillowcases, and ended with pillowcase races. 

growing sisters,

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Carole said...

My kids love the melty beads too. I never thought about making bracelets, I'll have to put that idea in my girls' heads!

Those pictures are so adorable!

Water fights! Just yesterday my kids were trying on their winter parkas and all excited about snow! :-)

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