Monday, November 11, 2013

3rd annual Heritage Sunday

Old Fashioned Sunday has always been my favorite Sunday of the whole year.  Three years ago, when we discussed having one here in Jamaica my husband and I weren't sure if it was something that the people would enjoy and accept.

We should never have worried because they LOVE it.  We recently held our 3rd annual Heritage Sunday at Valley Baptist Church.  It was a huge success.  I was worried because the water supply has been off so very much lately.  This causes an awful lot of extra work on the families and sometimes they aren't able to come to church.

The morning broke bright and beautiful and God gave us a strong breeze to cool the church room down.  The church family started showing up and my heart was so joyful to see them in their traditional costumes carrying baskets full of special dishes to share for the "yammin".

Before long the room was busting at the seams with people!  There were even more that didn't come inside but watched through the windows.  There were over 70 people in the room and I could see around 10 standing at the window by me, listening to the singing and preaching.  It was amusing to see an arm reach through to drop something in the collection bag.

Princess Eden and friend Tiana
The music and singing time is a very important part of the service.  In the Jamaican culture you don't sit still and just watch.  Everyone sings loud, claps their hands, and moves.  
 We typically don't have drums in the church but this was a special drum brought in to celebrate the heritage culture.
Our ladies choir sang a few traditional songs.  They had so much fun acting out the words.
The old traditional hymns are very important to us at Valley Baptist Church. 
 After a strong sermon on "Keeping the Old Time Religion" the altar was unusually full.  It is so precious to see families praying together.

 This is the faithful ladies choir of Valley Baptist Church.  Mrs. Shelly in the front is holding up a "2" because she is expecting 2 babies in a few weeks.
Eden and her buddy Tristan.  They are only a few days apart in age.  
Pastor keeps saying," we're growing our church one way or the other."  Mrs. Shawna is expecting a baby before Christmas.
Tristan and his mommy have attended our church very faithfully since the very first service.

I'm thankful for the heritage that our church people are giving their children.


alysia3409 said...

Love this!! Thanks for sharing!

Jessi said...

I loved looking at all of those pictures. Ya'll are doing a good work down there for the Lord! Praise the Lord for fruit.

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