Thursday, March 13, 2014

keep calm... and hug a pet

Keep Calm
Hug a Chicken
(Brynlee and Mary)

Keep Calm
Hug a Dog.
(Eden and Sadie)

in our family the pets are family.  Yes, my chickens are considered pets. I like them way better than the angel fish.  No matter how rough life gets it will make you feel better.


Merry C. said...

Precious! I feel the same way! Darling little girl too! If nobody thinks this is cute they need to check their pulse! Sweet pictures that brings tears to my eyes. Have a wonderful beautiful day! Merry from,

Merry C. said...
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imklvr said...

Love this! You have such a beautiful family! I had a pet chicken as a girl. A beautiful, shiny black banty hen. We called her Beulah. Now I have a black teddy bear named after her! You are making good memories for your prince and princesses! Dona

JudyZ said...

So typical of little girls! :) do you have 2 dogs? I remember you having a Drago...

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