Wednesday, October 15, 2014

was that just a snowball?

Was that just a snow ball?
Uh way.  How is that possible?
So the kids in the Wesley house discovered 2 important things today.
#1 Work can be fun....if it's cleaning out the chest freezer.
#2 (and this they knew but forgot) snow is cold!
 They had a blast throwing it, squeezing it, putting down each other's shirts.
The last one is pretty hilarious when the person starts wiggling around.
Lots of giggles.
 Even tasting it...{gross}.
 When the freezer was emptied and cleaned,
 the little ones had fun playing in the icy cold stream draining out the bottom.
John Truman said, "cold."
anything to beat the heat,

1 comment:

Tori Leslie said...

So cute!! Missionary kids find the strangest things to keep them occupied.
That last pic of your little boy was too cute.

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