Saturday, November 1, 2014

a Royal Ball for all the fair maidens

I'm sure you read it in the social papers.  There was a royal ball in the Wesley estate recently. All the fair maidens of the land were in attendance.  Rose and Chickaletta all dressed and ready for the ball.  There was a banquet blanket set, complete with plastic teacups filled with only the finest chicken mesh.
 Jane came dressed as Sleeping Beauty.
 After awhile Rose did a dress change and turned into a mermaid,
 complete with ribbons around her ankles.
Yes, chickens have learned something new today!
 Chickaletta did pretty well in her ball gown
 until she realized there were roses on the front.
Suddenly, she was very hungry.
"Party's over...I'm outta here." Chickalleta


Tori Leslie said...

That is absolutely hilarious! Too fun!

Unknown said...

This is too cute! :)

♥ Amy said...

Adorable. I always love your posts. I prayed for you this morning as I do almost every day. Love to you!

JudyZ said...

Soooo funny! We got a good laugh! <3

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, you guys are so funny.

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