Tuesday, November 11, 2014

pockets as deep as Solomon

Meanwhile in Jamaica.... where is the Pastor's wife?  Well, that's her over there... picking up all the goat poop with tree leaves before Sunday School begins.  (Did I just mention that out loud?)  {blush}  Well there you have it....just keeping it real.  I have to clear away the nasty stuff otherwise it's always a big distraction under the kids feet.  I'm sure you can imagine.

Many eager little dark faces flew out of the church bus when it pulled up.  Many smiling faces happy to be at church today.  Many chipper little voices began our song time under the almond tree we meet at.  EVERY Sunday school class begins with the song "Jesus loves the little ones...like me, me, me.....little ones like me, sat upon His knee.  Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me."

We've been studying King David last month and how he prepared for building God's house.  We started Sunday the exciting story of how his son, Solomon, was the one who God had build the house.

The kids love talking about building a church for God.  I went in-depth on detail of getting the trees for wood and boulders to cut into blocks.  How King David gather gold and many precious jewels.  This is exciting to the kids and me, especially because we are purchasing land to build our very own church house!  I've been preparing them by getting them worked up about God's house being built by Solomon and all the sacrifice and preparation it took.  The idea of us building God's house in Spot Valley is so precious to them.
One little curly haired boy asked, "Is our church going to have gold and jewels in it also?" Nope, our pockets are not as deep as Solomon's.  I love teaching Sunday School.


Tori Leslie said...

What a really sweet story. I love the photo, he's so sweet.

Tinyla said...

So excited for you all!!! Love ya! - Tinyla

Jen said...

Wow that's great you guys are getting your own place!

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