Monday, May 25, 2015

the pregnant green bean

I love the way children view the world.
  It's plain.
 It's simple.
  It's hilarious.
Today's adventure started on a nice hot balmy May day.
We are finishing our last few days in Baton Rouge before heading back to the Island.
Alexis was helping me pick green beans.
Nice wholesome back breaking job.
Call it what you want, my kids like chores that get them outside and a little dirty...
just like their mama.
We had fun screaming at the spiders and slugs hiding in the leaves.  I shared with Alexis the story of a snake who was hiding around a green bean plant when I was a little girl.  I had reached to pull some weeds and picked up the snake.  Pretty sure my voice carried over the whole county.  I don't enjoy snakes.  
"Hey, Mom, look at this!  It's a pregnant green bean." Alexis thought she was hilarious.  But it really did look like one. 
Life is fun looking through a child's eyes.

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