Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ankle Deep in Lizard Poop

Thursday, November 5, 09
Took Mrs. Bonnie to the airport today in Montego Bay. I was sad to see her go, she’s been so much help to me and the girls. Who else would sit and play Phase 10 for hours with me? :) Josh’s mom was so good to us, buying our washing machine and freezer for us, and making sure our pantry was stocked so her grandbabies won’t starve!
This story I wasn’t gonna tell...but this one is for all the folks that have teased me about being on “vacation”. Between you and me those jokes really burn me! If I’m gonna go on a vaca I think I’d chose a/c and hot running water! But that’s me. Anyways, we were at our house on the north shore and the windows have steel bars on the inside, then glass panes that you push open. On the backs of the glass is fancy wood carvings. Well, there is enough space in between the carving and the glass that the lizard’s had “done their business”....but only on one wall of windows in the girls bedroom. Yeah I know...pretty gross...wait it gets worse! Well the worst part was that you could see it all from the inside of the window
I first...”no big deal” the owner had left a garden hose out with a sprayer on the end. So I dragged that across the yard as far as I could and pointed it at the windows. I sprayed at every angle possible...and oh did the dried poop run! I was pretty proud of myself for taking car of the problem so easily. Until..... I sat the hose down and ran into the bedroom to see if it was all gone. To my horror (actually that word doesn’t even come close to what I felt) water had ran into the room and now the whole wall, every possible detail around the window, and half of the floor was covered in dirty, grainy water. And you can just guess what was floating in that water!
To make a long story....just a little bit longer...I spent the next 2 hours carrying buckets of water pouring them on the wall, and all the many edges and “nocks and cranies” in the window and then re-re-remopping the water until every last speck of lizard remains was gone. I had dirty water all over me, and I was getting more disgusted by the minute. I kept hollering at Josh, “this is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever done!” “I can’t believe I have lizard poop all over me!” “I’m gonna have to burn these clothes!” “Can you bathe in Lysol?”
THANKFUL FOR: the little can of Lysol disinfectant spray that we bought the day before for $540J!!!


Christina Zimmerman said...

Maria!!! I miss you and your funny stories..keep posting on facebook..otherwise I forget to check on blogs. :) Love your stories..hope that you are lizard poop free tonight..Love you!

Julia said...

Okay, I don't know what's worse now, creepy crawly roaches or lizard poop. Personally, I'd take the lizard poop. You're so funny!

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