Thursday, November 12, 2009

My ship came in!

Wednesday, November 4, 09
We went to pick our barrels up today. No kids are allowed on the wharf, so memaw stayed with them and Joshua and I went by ourselves. Josh and I had to run all over the wharf, from one building to another just do have a paper signed or stamped. Finally we went to the warehouse where a man we will lovingly call “a black Lurch” wheeled our 7 barrels and 1 crate out. He told us to take everything out down the centers of them. I took out the top 20%, but then I had packed big breakables like my lamp-bases in the centers and everything was so tight around them that I couldn’t move them. A little short customs agent came over the access my belongings. Josh asked him if we had to take more out and he said yes, so I started taking everything out of the barrels at one end and he started digging through my things on the other end. I only dug out one barrel when he had already looked through the others and told me they were fine. Other people around us were having to empty out all of their barrels and the custom agents were digging through (I mean inspecting) every bag and container.
Josh went into the little office to pay the duties. It took the mean time me and Lurch were repacking and resealing the barrels. You should have seen him bouncing on the top to get the lid on! He saw some of my metal cookie cutters and asked, “wa dat?” Lol Josh came out and told me that we paid equivalent to $8.00 in duties!!!! We were so ecstatic!!! I wanted to do a jig right then and there! We were expecting around $300! We also had to pay a broker not quite $200 and a friend of Lurch’s had a little truck that they would drive our crate to our house for around $45. 7 men lifted the crate into the truck was pretty interesting.
We stayed at our house on the north shore tonight and plan on staying here tomorrow too. I was enjoying a cold shower and had just finished rubbing soap bubbles all over my face when I felt something crawling up my leg. I rubbed the soap out of my eyes and looked my horror I saw a roach about 3 or 4 inches long crawling my leg!! I screamed and tried to pound on the wall. Well all the walls are concrete so I didn’t make much noise! I killed the monster, grabbed a towel, and stormed into our bedroom, where Josh was relaxing on our air mattress. The rest of the story went kinda like this “Did you hear me scream?” “Then why didn’t you come help?” “Well it wasn’t just a lizard..that thing ate lizards for breakfast!” (Someone laughed...then he got punched...) 5 minutes later we were laying there and I thought about it again so I punched him again. Honestly right now...thinking about it...makes me want to go smack him again! lol


Jeanie said...

Been there! Done that! Smack him again for me! Rascal!!!

Julia said...

Ugh, I just screamed reading that!!! I HATE and DESPISE cockroaches!!! UGH and UGH and UGH. It was on your leg?!!!! Oh how awful! We had huge ones that flew (yes, flew!) when we lived in VA. Oh how they traumatized me, but they NEVER crawled on my leg. How awful! I can't believe Joshua didn't come to your rescue. You should punch him again, even though it's months later!

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