Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who says air can’t make you fat??????

Who says air can’t make you fat??????
Saturday, December 5, 09
The water didn’t come on till after lunch today.
The owner of our house got back from Canada last night. He’s been gone a month and we could tell when he got back because the smell of ganga (marijuana) was in the air! I told Joshua this afternoon that all I’ve wanted to do all day is eat...eat...eat. Not a good thing! He told me that the smell of ganga makes you crave food. We are moving from this house Christmas day.
The owner, Joe, did ask me to make some brownies for them though. I had made some for them right before he left for Canada.
Josh is out on visitation then men’s prayer meeting tonight, so me and the girls made pizza. We let Jack (the Korean boy who lives in our yard) eat supper with us....he really like it.

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