Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The birds and the bees...and Adam and Eve

Friday, December 4, 09
Josh took us to get groceries today at the big store in Kingston. It’s like a smaller version of Sam’s Club. I enjoyed looking at everything...and walking around in air conditioning! I did find a “white” baby doll for Eden for Christmas.

Here in Jamaica there are bars every few houses(not the kind of bars that is on the window...the kind you get rum at... just to clarify..lol). Most are usually just little buildings with a 2 or 3 (if any) old chairs sitting under some sort of covering and the “spirits” being sold displayed or painted on the wall. Some have crude “promiscuous” (I love big words... lol) paintings on the outside walls. While were driving past one particularly detailed drawing.... Moriah turned to me and asked, with a surprised expression, “Did you see that???” I played dumb(....I do that quite well). She said, “did you see that picture on the building? It looked like Adam and Eve!” 
 I said, “Maybe they’re telling Bible stories back there.” Well... now we know!

Alexis broke my fancy trash can this morning. It was one that you step on the pedal and it pops up....yeah...yeah I know...but simple things amuse me. She leaned on the lid and stepped on the pedal. Moriah said, “now we got to do things the good old way.” 

Right after I took my shower tonight the water went off. Poor Joshua had to use the 2 liter bottle for his...snicker. I don’t feel so bad...a few days ago, it went off after his shower and I had to use the bottle!


Julia said...

How come the water is always getting shut off?

imklvr said...

That was great! Bet you could turn almost anything into a bibile story! Nice save, mom!

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