Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Thursday, January 14, 2010
For the last few days when I’ve taken the clothes off of the line, I’ve noticed there have been a few articles each time that have a small patch of round things on them. At first, it was just on blue articles...or so I thought. Lately it has been on random things...Alexis’s blue jean skirt....Eden’s plastic training panties...a pillow case. Josh just told me it was a form of mold, so we bought (an expensive little bottle of) color safe bleach and washed them in it. Yesterday, I picked up an piece of clothes that I had set aside the day before because it had “mold” on it. And Lo and Behold....the mold had hatched and was wiggling!!! Yeah, I can feel your shudder. Ickey...uckey...ughhh! I gathered up the whole pile and throw it out the back door until the washer was empty and I could submerge it in bleach water!!!!
I talked to Mrs. Hutchens and she said she’d never had a problem like that before. She recommended that I wash the clothes lines with bleach. So I did.
I’ve Learned: It makes more sense to hang the clothes inside out, that way you can look for the bug eggs easier while you’re turning it right side out. Yeppp.... I not only got beauty but brains too! lol

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