Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If you Give a Mouse a Cookie

Monday, December 21, 09
We drove to the north shore today to bring our freezer and washing machine to our other house...we’ll be moving for good on Friday (Christmas!!!!). When I went in the kitchen of our house to make supper, there was little black droppings on everything....and I mean everything! Every drawer, every cupboard, even on my dishcloths and towels. My first thought was wanting to sanitize everything....very very well. But I didn’t have any hot water! Josh went to the store and bought me some sticky traps...we couldn’t find any old fashioned wooden ones. I put 8 of them around the kitchen, but the mouse just waltzes around the paper and does his business along the way. Uhhh huhhh.
My family was having the McNamar Christmas party back in Missouri tonight. I called and they passed the phone around like a hot potato and I was able to talk to everyone! Sweet family back in my snow covered Missouri.

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