Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Put the lime in the coconut and shake it all around”

Wednesday, December 23, 2009
We drove back over the mountain to go to Spanish Town tonight...it will only be my home for the next 2 days. The trip took 2 hours longer then normal because of the crazy holiday traffic...everyone and their goat was on the road! There is one river we cross and it only has a skinny little one lane road that crosses it. I say road because it doesn’t look like a bridge...it’s a narrow little road with no sides!!!! I just stare straight ahead. lol
Well we got maybe 15 or 20 minutes from Spanish Town when the police were making every car turn around. They said there had been an accident on the “bridge”. We pulled off the road...to think about what to do because we didn’t know any other roads home. This Jamaican man came up and told us that this little side road takes you to Spanish Town, but it takes about 45+ minutes. Hummm.... do we believe the man and drive off on the road into the darkness??? So we believed him and took this windy, twisty road up unto the top of yet another mountain and to top it all off it was dark outside. The thought crossed my my mind that if this really was the road to Spanish Town, then why wasn’t everyone else taking it also? I never watch scary movies....but scenes from the Disney cartoon Legend of Sleepy Hollow flashed throw my mind. lol...now. After a lot of driving, we passed a little painted sign that was half covered in vines and said “Spanish Town” with an arrow right and “Kingston” with an arrow left...a second later we came to a fork in the road. Josh hadn’t seen the sign, but I told him about it (wishing I had looked closer). We turned right onto an even rougher, narrower, tree covered road. As Lucy would say, “back over them old logging routes again.” Eventually we came into Spanish Town....a bad section especially after dark....but we’re home.
While caught in traffic we bought bananas from one road side stand and a coconut from another.

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