Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I’ll Be home for Christmas...if only in my dreams..

Thursday, December 24, 2009
As far as Christmas songs go...this one has always been one of my favs, but this year it’s a little more special...a little more real....and a little more true. And I’ll admit a little more tearful. I am excited about Christmas tomorrow and filling the girls stockings tonight. We have to leave for bus route at 5:30 in the morning soooo I’m a little curious to see how aware the girls are and if they’ll want to open presents before we leave for church.
Oh, and we don’t have running water today...joy.
Mrs. Bev (the lady who lives downstairs) showed me how to use my fresh cocoanut to make cocoanut ginger cookies over a fire outside today. We placed them on a giant banana leaf to cool.
Josh surprised us and came home with KFC for supper!!!! Their Christmas dinner included fried chicken, corn on the cob, biscuits, french fries, a Christmas cake, and sorrel juice with ginger in it. What a special Christmas treat!!!
I had a real special surprise tonight. I called my Grandma Grace Starbuck in Queen City, Missouri. Gram was with her mom, Great-Grandma Mona Chrisman. I asked Gram if “lil’ Grandma” could hear me on the phone. Gram said that she most likely couldn’t, but we tried and God blessed. I was able to carry on a short conversation with my Great-Grandma Mona and wish her a Merry Christmas. This was so special, especially since I never was able to go visit her and tell her goodbye before we left for Jamaica. My girls had colds right before we left Missouri, and I was afraid of getting my Great-Grandma sick.

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