Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Building Castles for my princesses

We went to the beach yesterday.  It is so relaxing and refreshing to splash with the kids in the waves.  There are a lot of rocks and it goes from waist deep... to ankle deep.... to chest deep... then shallow again.  Perfect for our little explorers.  Alexis was walking into the deeper water and she started getting nervous and shouted, "Mom, I'm getting smaller!"  Memaw is still here til Thursday and she and daddy snorkeled and saw a load of fish, but didn't catch any.  We did see 2 octopus that a fisherman caught and a blowfish that another man caught and we put it in our bucket to carry it to shore for him.  Eden got some sand toys and buckets and shovels for her bday and we made castles with water around them full of alligators (rocks) to keep the bad guys out.  Beautiful day.

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