Thursday, February 25, 2010

Meet Ethel

Our second daughter, Alexis Nicole, is the only one, of my children, that had a hard time adjusting to our new life, in Jamaica.  She celebrated her 4th birthday about a month after we came.  Her little world was changing so much and it was really hard for her to understand it all.  She wanted her Grandmas and Papas and her treehouse in the backyard in Kahoka, Missouri.  On more days then not,  she would have tears and ask me if we could go back to Missouri. How do you explain to a 4 year old mind God's call on your life, when all logic tells you that Grandma loves you more then these people.... so you should live by her.  Sometimes in MY mind, it doesn't make sense.  

      Honestly, as a mom, I was ready to pack my bags... and hers... and jump a plane "home".   

One of the BIGGEST, HUGEST, GIGIANTICMOUS.... (you get the picture) things that helped Alexis, is having her bestest friend here with her....Ethel.  Ethel is her baby doll, but to Alexis...she's a real live, breathing, talking person.  And if you ask me...."a real piece of work."  Ethel has more personality then some adults I know...(sorry my mind is picturing some of them and it makes me smile.) 
I'm really  not sure where she came from.  I wish I knew, but Alexis became attached to her when she was around 2 and they've been closer then "two peas in a pod" ever since.  
About Ethel..through Alexis's eyes.  

     Ethel loves McDonald's cheeseburgers...that's one of the things about America she misses most.  She has become fond of carrots lately though, and Alexis saves her own to share with Ethel.  On deputation, Ethel had to have potty breaks just like Alexis.  (She took forever in the stall!) Ethel loves horses (just like Alexis...imagine that).  

     Somedays, Ethel is to sick to get out of bed, so she just lies around under her favorite blanket reading books.  She likes sick days.  Ethel is learning to speak Spanish and teaching it to Alexis, they have lessons in the morning time. Ethel gained a lot of weight when we first got here, but she is losing it and getting back to normal.  She used to have a biting problem and got many spankings because of she controls herself.  Ethel also went through a stage when she said dirty words and Mama Alexis had to wash her mouth out with soap.....not sure where she heard dirty words at.  Or even where Alexis got the concept of dirty words!   I could go on about her many zany opinions and stunts, but for the sake of losing you I won't.  

     Anyways, Ethel is a huge part of our family, and I'm so thankful for her and the help she's been to Alexis.  Alexis still misses Missouri and her family very much, pray for her if you remember.  Many, many nights when I check on my girls, Ethel is tucked up under the blankets right by Alexis's face....keeping watch.  

Alexis Nicole and Ethel


Tammy Cloud said...

That is sweet. She will have her forever. She will never forget her. For some reason I thought she was your second born????

raising3princesses said...

that's hilarious! how could I have got that wrong?!? Not that I have anything else to do while writting on my blog? Thanks for telling me! love, maria

Marvin said...

Oh Maria, that made me tear up. So sorry to hear that Alexis is having a hard time. I am glad she has Ethel. I will keep her in my prayers. Jenn Bontrager

Anonymous said...

Went back and read this post tonight. Made me sob all over again. I cried for Allie the first time I read it as well as tonight. But, now...I also fear this will be my Micah Man come time for us to go to Hidalgo. I don't know how you did it Maria, but I hope the Lord gives me the strength to stay strong if my kids ever approach me that way. Uuuhhh... I'm still crying as I am typing this. I am very emotional these days. Love you!


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