Monday, March 1, 2010

I have Vowed a Vow

I vowed a vow to myself that I would never-ever-ain't gonna happen-no way possible - etc...etc... make my daughters wear homemade matching dresses.  Before you get all offended, I've honestly seen some matching dresses that moms have made for their little darlings that are chic and cute.  And one mom made camo dresses for her daughters that I personally thought was a sweet idea since Daddy didn't have a son (shout out to know who you are).  But ever since I've known about missionaries I've felt sorry for the daughters wearing matching, out-of-date dresses.  That said...I hope I haven't offended anyone...that's not my purpose.  I'm just (deep....deep...heartfelt sigh)  "bearing my soul." giggle

So why did I spend a couple hours of my Saturday sewing matching dresses for my 3 princesses?   Cause you can't go wrong with Fancy Nancy!  She's like the coolest thing since premade Popsicles!  If you've not read it to your princess yet.  I recommend them..and there are several different ones.  They're fun and girly, and my girls are very fun and girly girls.

And another thing I've learned about homemade dresses.....taught to me by my own little that it is all about how you accessorize!   And before you laugh about how they look like a pillowcase...I don't claim any blue ribbons in sewing.  Curtains and tablecloths are right down my alley!  So.. they are supposed to look like that.  They are pillowcase dresses.  

When I hung the first finished dress up on a hanger to admire my work, Josh walked by and asked, "what are you gonna do with that?"  I said, "It's a pillowcase dress."  "So it's a pillowcase?"  "No, it's a dress."  "Alright."  "Don't look at me like that....I'm not gonna wear it, it's for the girls!"  


Jolene said...

You are just too cute! (and so are your girls!)

Go to: www.mylivesignature for making your own signature. Make sure to check the "transparent" box so it won't have a big white box around it.

Where did you find your header/banner? I've been searching and searching but can't find anything I like. Maybe I should just think about taking my own picture and working with it. Hmmm... I changed my blog to three-column when it finally dawned on me that that is why yours looks wider. Yep, these things take time for me!

Have a great day!

raising3princesses said...

thanks, I love reading your blog.

I'll see if I can figure the signature thing out now, it takes me forever and I have to play a lot to change anything.

I found my template and header on . They are really easy. I like the picture idea for a header also, I've seen some really cute ones like that. Yes, I like the 3 column so much better. It looks a little more "professional" also I think. Love, Maria

kraus03 said...

I love them, of course growing up with grandma dorothy everything we ever owned was homemade, even our blue jeans and jackets.
Sun dresses are always a winner, and these are very neat.
I think that you did a great job.
-Love Kattie

raising3princesses said...

thanks Katie. I'm not really a sewer, but I like creating you sew for your girls?

Gail Moore said...

So sweet! You did a great job! They don't look like pillow cases to me!

Jessica Curtis said...


momto9 said...

How fun! I just found your blog from the daily pleasures blog and love it!

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