Thursday, March 11, 2010

If WE Were in Their Flip Flops

Lets face it ladies,  Americans are spoiled and many times sheltered.  If you've never been to a third world country or seen how other women live outside of your comfort zone... I welcome you to come visit me in Jamaica.  It will open your eyes and heart to help others and bring you closer to our Gracious, Loving God!   I know many of you can't just hop a jet right now to visit Jamaica, but here is an opportunity to help today.

A college friend of mine, and a lady I respect and admire has a very inspiring idea, and I'd like to give you the opportunity to have a part of it.  

Brandon and Nicole are missionaries in the country of Haiti.  Because of dangerous conditions, they had to leave after the horrible earthquake, and bring their 3 small children back to America.  Brandon has been back on trips and is currently in Haiti.  Today there is a wife sitting in America wishing to be with her husband.  

Nicole has a burden to help the many mothers who are left destitute in this time.  The next trip to Haiti will be one where Nicole will be able to go with her husband, Brandon. She is asking us to think of 17,000 women about to give or already have given birth. Nicole's heart is there with those precious Haitian woman and their babies.  

She is in need of formula, cereal, baby food (non breakable jars), diapers, baby clothes, blankets...etc.. She didn't mention it, but I'm sure money donations would be very welcomed!  (just straight talk!)  If you or your church would like to help these Independent Baptist missionaries donations are being sent to 
          Lighthouse Baptist Church 
          401 Hwy 90 E 
          New Iberia, Louisiana 70560. 
You can label it Haiti Relief or put Nicole Jordan on it.  If you have any questions you can leave it in my comment box or Nicole's blog

Visit Nicole Jordan's blog by Clicking HERE

The Jordan family were also on tv after the earthquake, on the ABC news.  If you would like to watch the link it will make you does me each time I've seen it. Click the link below. 
ABC News - Americans in Haiti

Thank you Ladies, God Bless you,

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