Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A day in the life of a SICK MOM

Someone needs to explain to my family that when mom is is paused.  No messes, no dirty dishes, no dirty laundry...nothing.  Everyone is to sit on the couch...quietly...and read educational books all day long.  Ok...I've snapped out of my dream.   Here's how it really happened.

Mom wakes up with a splitting headache and a nauseous stomach.  Kiddos have been up for awhile and had unlocked the grill and let the dog out to go potty.  Sounds nice?  Let me continue... dog runs around in flower bed, comes running back in the house and bounds into bed with mom...muddy paws and all!  Not a big deal...someone has to get up and fix breakfast for kids anyways.

Mom stumbles in the kitchen...peeking throw her eyelids because the light hurts her headache.  Finds bowls, spoons, cereal, and milk to put on the kitchen table and lets kids "go at it".

Meantime mom goes to bedroom to change the sheets and pillowcases on her bed and sweep up the dirt off the floor (that way anyone snuggling with mom and dad won't track it into the bed).

Someone little (not to mention any names) had an accident last night and needs her blankie washed.  Mom stumbles slowly from room to room gathering lost forgotten light colored cloths to fill the washer.

Someone else little decided to pour all the milk into their bowl.  Mom gives lecture on wasting the money God give us.

Mom takes a cold shower ( not because she wants to..but because there is no hot water).  Shower helps her headache a little but her stomach is still upset.  Walks around the corner to see someone little carrying full bowl of milk across the living room and spilling it!  Mom not surprised.

Foggy headed mom walks around trying to find where she last used mop.   After going through a few rooms she forgets what she's looking for.  Mom not surprised...this happens even when she's not sick.

The washer buzzer blares like a fog horn, and mom follows the sound with eyes closed toward the machine to remove blankies.  Oldest daughter sweetly volunteers to hang them out on the line for mom.'s eyes get misty.

Mom steps in spilled milk....oh...yeah....the mop!  Mom thinks it's funny that she's the only one who ever steps in the messes.

Mom stumbles into her room and fall exhausted on her clean sheets.  There is 10 minutes of blissful silence.  Mom suddenly wonders why there is silence and get up to check.

While drowsily walking past kitchen mom remembers that the family will have to have supper.  Fast food is not an seriously considers serving popcorn.  Better judgment wins out and mom puts a chicken and vegetables in crockpot.  Feeling proud of herself, but head pounding mom, continues on to find out where the screaming sound is coming from.

Mom smells weird smell in children's bathroom.  UGHHHH!  Mom finds weird smell and gets trash bag to throw it away.  She then notices the horrible soap scum ring around children's tub....a few minutes later finds mom on her hands and knees scrubbing the tub with Ajax.

Head spinning and stomach tumbling, mom stands in another cold shower.  Tetter and tottering to her bedroom she again falls on her bed and is oblivious to the world for a whole two and half hours!!!!!  Wakes up to find a sweet note laying on her pillow.

Now mom feels a little more human but wonders........why she did more today when she was sick....then she did yesterday when daddy was sick?


Julia said...

Oh, Maria, I hope you get to feeling better soon! Sending prayers your way! I hate the stomach bug. I love how you wrote your post. You made being miserable sound funny. :) Love the note, your girls are sweet.

Gail Moore said...

Take care of yourself and get bettr soon!

Jennifer Horn said...

I'm praying for you! Hope you are feeling better today!

Missy said...

Maria, your posts are priceless! You have such a sweet spirit, there was no complaining about how terrible it was that you had to do all of that while feeling terrible, just the sweet spirit of a wonderful Christian Lady! I hope you get to feeling better soon!

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