Wednesday, March 3, 2010

No thanks, I'll just sit right here on this hot vinyl seat and be happy

I know it's Wordless Wednesdays...but sometimes it's fun to mix it up a little.  (giggle)

Today, my flip flops found me sitting in our van, in Montego Bay.  The kids and I were in a parking lot waiting for Josh to come out of a store.  I had Josh's phone in my hand and I was playing with the outdated camera feature.

In front of us was a concrete wall that had huge metal spikes sticking out.  And then a hand painted sign mounted on top stating, "Danger Stay off Wall".  I was amused that there was even a sign.  Somethings are just obvious...and in my mind 5 inch spikes are one of the those things!    I heard men shouting but I really wasn't paying any attention as I was snapping pictures all around.  We were right by the sea and the waves were magnificent.  All of a sudden something caught my eye and I noticed that there were a group of men arguing and waving their hands.  Two men were wearing fluffy black "Marksmen" jackets.  I think they wear them just to look tougher and more buff... because we all know "that it ain't cold down here, Sally."  Marksmen are a type of security guards.  They grabbed one of the men, who several kept pointing at, and threw him on the hood of a truck and started going through his pockets...while he protested strongly.  Sometimes I'm really glad that the girls and I don't understand their dialect when they talk fast.

Now don't go to worrying that I was in any danger...and that I should have been nose down in the floor board!  For one, they were several cars away and the scary looking poky fence was between us.  And there were two cruise ships in the harbor, so there were so many "whities" in town today. So I didn't stand out and they didn't notice me at all.  But I probably wouldn't have moved from the van, even if it was on fire.  So me and my flip flops just sat and watched the show.  The Marksmen smacked Mr. Big-mouth around a little and threw him on the hood again, but that was about it.  There was a crowd gathering to watch and when Josh came back we decided to drive out the entrance and not go past "the party".

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Jolene said...

Your signature looks great!

I think my favorite thing about your blog (well, everything is my favorite)... is the missionary quote you have in the right-hand column. It speaks to me every time I visit you! And, the sandals and flower in your hair are such a fun touch! You're too much fun!

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