Thursday, March 4, 2010

For all the unwanted pests in your house...big or little

  I learned something kinda cool today and I wanted to share if with you guys.  You might not think it's cool or even interesting... but in "my line of work" (eyebrows raised high)... I like to keep my eyes open to any new tricks.

It is illegal, without special permits, to have guns as protection here in Jamaica.  We have a big machete that is right inside the closet at the front of the house...but "tefs" (thieves) are a lot more experienced with them then I am...I don't think I could intimidate anyone if I came running toward them swinging it in circles over my head.   Crazy whitie.  The only thing I might be able to do with the machete is smack their arm if it comes in the grill.  But, personally I'd rather "tas" them with my taser.  I'm not going to tell you where I hide that.

Anyways, I learned that pepper spray and mace are old school.  A good sturdy can of WASP SPRAY is the way to go.  You can have them sitting around in your house and no one suspects anything.  And they can shoot up to 20 feet!  They temporarily leave intruders blinded also.  Sounds wicked..?..not if they have their patty fingers in my house!  We had a can on a shelf in the laundry room so I  moved it to set behind my bedroom door (where the kids won't see it).  I wonder if I could carry some in the diaper bag???  just joking.
Thanks for listening,


Jolene said...

I really laughed when I read this from Dr. Vineyard... I can already hear his next several sermons and just "see" his illustrations now... :)

Anonymous said...

Funny post! I guess we didn't get "the memo", but Abe always makes sure that we have a can around the house because he read about it in a self-defense article a couple of years ago. Makes sense to me!
I remember in college having a pistol strapped to the bed frame because Abe worked third shift after we were married. Anyway, I had some guests over one evening and one of the girls asked me if I had it there as part of the decor. I got a good laugh our of that, but assured her that it was strictly for business. Ha!
Love your blog - Ruth Hanson

Gail Moore said...

Too funny! I might try that myself. When my husband is away, I try to make sure I know where the hand gun is and everything, but I am not comfortable with it....yet! Dr. Vineyard tried to teach me, but I am a slow learner! I think I would do better with the Wasp spray!

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