Monday, March 8, 2010

Is this for Humans?

The girls and Joshua have had a cough for several weeks now.  It seems to be worse in the mornings, and we assumed it was the "cold" (lower 70's) weather that we have at night.  The windows here don't have glass panes, instead they have wooden....panels?....I'm really not sure what to call them.  Each window has several and you can open and shut them by a little lever.   Even when they are shut the wind blows through them and stirs the curtains.  Anyways, I've been closing them at night to try and help.  We also were excited to find some Robitusson at the pharmacy.  There is a really wonderful pharmacy in Montego Bay... equivalent to a Walgreens!!!!!  It even has a toy aisle with American toys that my girls LOVE to browse through!

Even though I was excited about the children were not. The yucky taste is strong....I'm not sure I could drink it....cough medicines always make me gag (don't tell my children).  Sorry, I'm the boss, and "I know what's best" they took it.  After the first taste, Moriah asked, "is this for humans?"

They've been taking the medicine for two days and are much better.  But today is Monday, and now Alexis and Ethel has a bug that has them throwing up.  Alexis drank some jello-water, and fell asleep on the couch watching 100 & 1 Dalmatians.  Josh is in bed with a no visitors to our sick ward!

On a more positive note, church went good yesterday.  The girls thought it was marvelous that one of our families, had their dog walk to church with them.  They thought it was really cool to have church with a dog.  He sat under Alexis's chair.   But, they were even more excited, when Daddy felt sorry for "Lucky" and gave him a ride home, with his family, in our van.

P.S.  I learned a few days ago, lizards don't live through the washing machine.  Not sure how he got in there. many times....I've had them jump out of a pile of laundry I'm lifting into the washing machine!  So that's probably what happened.   I just know that when I was hanging the laundry on the line....and looked down to see his little dilapidated body laying on my freshly washed towel...I was grossed out.  At first I thought he was a snail out of his shell....we have a truck load of snails in our yard...much to our daughters delight!    Ugh....(...full body shudder....)

No fun.... but I did feel sorry for the little guy...what a horrible way to go.  He was probably just hiding in there from my daughters and their bug jar!  (smile)  I can just see him now...peeking out of a shirt sleeve...his little slanted eyes darting back and forth!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love reading your blog! I don't get to read it every day, but I always make sure to catch up! Your girls are adorable and I pray for you all often! Thanks for sharing your stories!

raising3princesses said...

thanks, Missy. That is such an encouragement to me! - Maria

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