Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nurse Wife....reporting for duty

Who needs sleep?  I'm a mom right?  I've not had a full nights sleep since before I went to college!

It's been a long long night.  Prince Charming, who is never sick......was sick all night long and counting!   It broke my heart to see my strong husband, who I rely on so much, crawling on his knees to the bathroom. He would throw up in the toilet then crawl back to bed, over and over.  And all I could do is follow him, hand him a cold washcloth, sit beside him, cover him back up...you know...all the normal nursey stuff.  I'm praising the Lord that I brought a hot water bottle with us to Jamaica.  It was a small, but much welcomed, comfort to fill with ice water and put on his hot forehead.  By this morning his head was hurting so severely that even the pillow hurt it.

The girls were up bright and early, peeking in our room and trying to climb in bed with us.  I'd like to know when children start sleeping in.....do I have to wait til they are teenagers????  Even Alexis, who had spent the night on the couch, seems to be much improved this  morning.  Thank you, Lord.

Josh hasn't been able to keep anything down, but he wanted some lemongrass tea.  So I went outside in my yard and plucked some lemongrass and peppermint to make him some.  It smelled really good...kinda made me wish I drank tea.  But, I tasted it.....ugh...I love the thought of tea....but that's it!  After talking to  Josh's parents I convinced him to go to the doctor to have his migraine and fever checked out.  He was barely moving so Alexis and I dressed him.  We were trying to get him to stand up and he whispered, "My shoes are on the wrong feet."  Opps!  That would have been funny, glad he noticed!  Pastor Hutchens came over and picked him up and they went to the hospital.  More to come when I found out.

 After no sleep last night, maybe my kids will let me take a nap......  yeah, I'm laughing too....that ain't gonna happen!

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Jenn Bontrager said...

I am so sorry to hear that Josh is so sick. Hope he feels better soon. Thinking about yall.

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