Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Strengthening their Bond"

Many, many times, I've said how much I love having three girls!  We have so much fun together.  Some mothers say their children drive them insane, well mine help me keep my sanity...Truthfully.
I think, one of the reasons I am so happy about my three girls, is I LOVE having 3 sisters by blood (Rachel, Jessica, and Monica)...and 2 sisters by law (Heather and Christine).   

My sisters are my best friends...I can tell them anything and everything... and they understand completely.   I heard someone say once, "More then Santa Claus, you sister truly knows whether you've been good or bad!"

I let the girls play outside in the rain today.  The heat can sometimes cause "certain people" to get edgy...I'm not above telling you that it wears on me sometimes also.  I just take a cold shower and day dream about air conditioners...snow beautiful wool coat waiting for me in the States!  Sooo, hopefully the neighbors weren't watching out their windows while this tall "whitie" ran around and splashed through the puddles with the kids.

It always leaves a pile of soaked muddy cloths, for mama to take care of..but they are only kids once, right?  And besides that, the rain caught my 2 loads of laundry on the line any shoulders).   I was so frustrated, at myself, for not getting them off the line in time, but then I figured that I'd just leave them on, and let the sun dry them tomorrow.   But, that would be too easy!  The wind blew over the poles, holding the lines up, and most of the cloths fell and were swinging back in forth through the mud.   I'm thankful....don't tell me...don't tell me...I can come up with something.....oh, I'm thankful that we having running water today so I can rewash and rehang everything in the morning!  I Thess 5:18

So lets just say, that I was letting them "strengthen their sisterly bond"...out in the raindrops.  It's hard to get mad at someone when you're having so much fun.   They shared a lot of giggles and girly squeals as they ran around like Comanches!

After their boots got filled with water, they used them as buckets to throw water on each other!


Jessica Curtis said...

TOO FUN! I want to come jump in puddles too!

Unknown said...

What a blast! Looks like some memories were made today!!

Oh and okay okay okay already!!! I will never complain about 6 loads of wash to do in one day when I have a beautiful washer AND dryer sitting in my basement right now. (Hanging my head in shame). You are my hero! ;)

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