Saturday, April 3, 2010

You Gonna Eat All That?

(Big sigh)  Where do I begin?  One of the highlights of the last few days was a Wendy's opening in Montego Bay!  Pretty big deal.  So Joshua surprised the girls and me and took us out to eat Thursday night.  So my flip flops got to enjoy the wonderful air conditioned restaurant while we waited...and waited...and waited for our order.  It took about an hour and 10 minutes to get our food.  It wasn't that they had a lot of people, but they were understaffed and not really to sure about how things were supposed to go.    The long-awaited burger was soooo wonderful!  We won't be going back for a long time though, the prices were pretty high....and they didn't have any baked potatoes (my favorite).

It was very interesting to watch a beggar man, casually walking from group to group.  He would sit down at  table, like he was waiting for someone, then he would beg the nearest person for some money or the rest of their food.  I was kinda surprised to see people actually hand him things like a milk shake or their half eaten burger.  One thing I will say about him....he wasn't picky.  I almost fell out of my chair, when he watched a mother take her child to the bathroom, then he went over and ate all her food quickly!!    I couldn't decide whether I should march over there and tell him off or just stare with my mouth on the table top!?!  What would you have done?   (I'm trying to figure out how to word this) The food was good and the surrounding was very nice, but things are just a little different here.  Even with out the beggar, I tried not to blush when 3 different women bared their chests and nursed out in the open.  Don't get me wrong...I'm all for breast feeding, and even in public if it's modest.  But this wasn't modest....just ask my 4 year old....she had a very "untype-able" opinion on it!  Another reason I'm glad I have all girls!

Friday was the first Good Friday service at our church.  There were 33 people at Spot Valley Independent Baptist Church.  We had such a wonderful time.  There was a wonderful song service and  sermon, then we fellowshipped over bun and cheese.  This is a spicy bread made with raisin and mixed fruit.  You slice it big and make it a sandwich with a big hunk of cheese in the middle.  Everyone stayed around for a couple hours, talking and laughing.  Wonderful time.

I am really interested to see what other women would have done about the beggar....leave me your thoughts!

P.S.  I'm so very sad to report that my camera is "sick".  I was taking pictures of the kids playing at church and my "take picture" button just fell off.  We are ordering a new button, but it will take it awhile to reach us.  In the mean time I'm going through withdrawals.  I have a very healthy obsession when it comes to taking pictures.  (smile)


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! Not sure WHAT I would have done!!!! And the nursing issue- WOW!

Glad you got to have a burger, and such an interesting day to go along with it! ;)

Nadine said...

hmm...good question...
I would have likely given him my food or gotten some for him so he could eat to his fill...

Now the nursing women...I would have thrown a sheet over them....:))...just kidding

love your blog


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