Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Squish or Not to Squish....that is the question

The weather has been soooo beautiful the last few days.  The wind is strong off the Sea mixed with the perfect amount of sunshine, and it's been in the 80's.  Now that I've said something calm and soothing...if you get the hebbie jeebies about bugs....this is not a post for you.  Ok, you've been warned...proceed at your own discretion.

Last night, I sent the girls to brush their teeth, in their bathroom.  Moriah came running back and said there were bugs all over the sink.  When I asked her what kind of bugs, she said they looked like little grasshoppers!  Ohhhh, if they only were grasshoppers....but this kid always gets her bugs mixed up.  With Eden on my hip, I march through the house, ready and willing to conquer this new foe.  

(Full Body Shake)

I slowly opened the bathroom door, peeking around it like .007.  To my horror as I approached the sink there were little roaches....not grasshoppers!  They were running all around the sink...on the toothbrushes...the toothpaste...a wet wash cloth...a drinking cup....and over the edge down the cabinet.

(clear throat....raise eyebrows) There are times in our lives, when we have to make a fast decision.  You don't have a chance to weigh the possibilities or long term affect.  This was one such occasion!

With all of the little creatures scattering...carrying germs all around on their scratchy little feet.  I had to make the decision to extinguish them by the only means possible..or let them hide (only to dance a jig on my children's toothbrush later).

So with my mind moving as fast as lightening... I gritted my teeth.... and started squishing them as fast as possible......... with my BARE fingers!  Boy, I really could have used my flip flops then!  I was bellowing, as loud as possible, for Joshua to bring the roach spray.  The princesses (who generally love bugs) were laughing in the background like mama was playing a game.

We sprayed really good under the cabinet...this is where they seemed to be coming from.  There is just gravel under their sink.  Kinda like when they did the plumbing, they just dumped a bucket of rocks in there, around the concrete.  It's not the kind of cabinet you store things in...it's just there to hide it.

This is the first "fun", we've had with bulk roaches.  When we first moved, into this house, in January, I saw 3 or 4 big enough for Eden to ride on.  (just kidding)  Those probably just flew in the window.  And, Praise the Lord, we've not had a really bad problem with bugs lately....the lizards eat them all!  (smile)

P.S. Moriah wants everyone to know she's getting her first big girl tooth.  My baby is growing up. (sniff sniff)


Tinyla said...

Hey Mia,
All I can say is...Gross! My husband is not afraid of much, but roaches is one of the things he is afraid of. He would have died! Growing up, we called them cousins. Mama would say, "Squash the cousins." Just a note - borax sprinkled around will kill them also. I Googled it one day and found some other things that will kill them, but I can't remember right now (boric acid and sugar - they will eat it and die, then others will eat them and be poisoned as well.)

Unknown said...


You are brave, girl!!!

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