Thursday, April 8, 2010

6 Months ago I Knew a Woman

Last night, as I was fixing supper, a small lizard skittered across my stovetop.  I smiled at him and said, "hurry along, little guy, it's gonna get hot here real soon."  I waved my hand for him to continue on across onto the countertop.  Then I turned and continued gathering my things to fix supper, before we had to leave for church.  As usual my mind was going in a million directions and mentally making lists and....well, just plan multi-tasking.

It wasn't until a few minutes had past, and I realized what I had done, that it made me start thinking.

6 months ago... I knew a woman who would have jumped on top the kitchen chair or maybe tried climbing the wall just to get away from a lizard on her kitchen she jokes with him and then turns her back.

6 months ago, I knew a woman who, if she found a bug in her flour container, would throw the whole thing she spoons out the bug and measures what she needs.

6 months ago.... I knew a woman who lived in a home with unlocked doors, now she lives behind bars (the good kind!).

6 months ago.... I knew a woman that could sleep all the night she wakes up every few hours to "make the rounds", with the guard dog, to check all the doors and peek out the windows.

6 months ago... I knew a woman who was so intimidated with anyone noticing her, happy to stay in the she lives in a country where it's impossible to blend in.  Therefore, she's learned to smile at the stares.

6 months ago...I knew a woman who almost daily drove to the store to get groceries or do shopping, now she must rely on her husband to drive her everywhere.

6 months ago...I knew a woman who enjoyed many hours of visiting and hugging on her cherished family members, now she must be content with just their voice.

6 months ago...I knew a woman who enjoyed to sleep in the air conditioning with thick blankets tucked up around her ears, now she can barely remember how that feels and the thought of thick blankets makes her sweat.

6 months ago... I knew a woman who took for granted the many privileges and luxuries of an American lifestyle,  now she's a little more sweaty.. a little more dirty...and a little more happy.

6 months ago... I knew a woman that didn't truly realize what it was like to have to rely on the Lord for absolutely every bite of food and daily protection, now her walk with the Lord is closer.

6 months ago...I knew a woman.

I started only putting funny things that I've overcome, but I don't want to paint a picture of flowers and sunshine and forget the storms.  Life on the mission field isn't always about the sunshine.  The rain comes, that's why  I included things that I struggle with.

But if the storms bring me closer to my Lord..... Send the Rain!


Just a woman.


Christina Zimmerman said...

Beautiful Maria! I loved reading every bit of it!! I MISS YOU!

♥ Amy said...

Beautiful, Maria. God has changed that woman, and you are more beautiful than ever! I so enjoy reading about your daily escapades and your sweet spirit shines through each time.
Love the photos, too.

Anonymous said...

This was so special Maria! I can identify with that "woman" and see both the humor and the struggles. Love seeing your heart written here, you are an encouragement.
- Ruth Hanson

Julia said...

Beautiful post!

Kami Gimenez said...

I love this post and will save it, I may be that woman some day too and I'm looking forward to it, but I am glad you also put the daily struggles, too.
Thanks for being a blessing!
Kami Gimenez

Unknown said...

That was lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Jolene said...

The mission field surely changes us... slowly, at first. Then, when we go back to America for the first time, we realize that, suddenly, the physical things we missed all along really aren't that important any more (like bread... I've found that I now like it better HERE!)

Yes, we do change... but I think, in the end, for the BETTER!!!


Hey...I know this woman...only she lives in the Bahamas! I was teary by the end. There is something rather comforting in knowing there is someone out there going through the same things as you. I added you to my prayer list today and hope you'll do the same for me. I'm glad God allowed our paths to cross on deputation! God bless you.
Heather Lowe

Anonymous said...

hi maria this is my first time posting a comment, i have been following your post for a couple of days and the Lord has put a burden in my heart for you and your princess. i love your blog and the stories you tell us. thank you for letting us follow your flip-flops ;).
in my prayers,

Rachel said...

Hi, I found your blog through another blog. I have one daughter and three boys. We have been missionaries to Siberia for 5 years and then God moved us to Estonia. We have been here 10 months. Enjoyed this post so much. I have learned SO much on the field as a missionary wife. Thankful that God is gentle and patient with me. I continue to learn and strive to be a better wife, mom, christian, and missionary. Thanks for sharing your heart. ~Rachel

Tinyla said...

Hey Mia,
Love this post!!! My how the Lord does change us when we let Him. I know that you whole family has benefitted from the woman you are today. Love you lots!!! P.S. Original Listerine also keeps misquitos away. Use it as you would bug spray. (The misquitos her in NC look like bees! They were eating my little princess up; so I google home remedies and found this tip.)

raising4princesses said...

Ladies, thank you so much for all your encouraging comments.
Christina, I miss you too!
Amy, you are one of my heroes!
Ruth, I'm so humbled to be an encouragement to
other missionary wives.
Julia, I {heart} you, my fellow brownie lover!
Kami, so looking forward to sharing the Caribbean
with you!
Katye, I feel so close to you...even though we've
never met in person!
Jolene, another one of my missionary heroes,
...thanks {heart}.
Heather, our family prays for yours...but the Lord
has been specially putting you on my heart
lately. I'm gonna add you to my list also.
Love you!
Rachel, thanks for the encouragment.
Viviana, I love your name!
Tinyla, you're my bestie! Hugs to you!

Katie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katie said...

This brought tears to my eyes, Maria! You are such a blessing to me! Praying for you and your family. Take care!

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