Monday, April 12, 2010

"Mom, you got to stop screaming at the lizards."

 A very exhausted lady, with a clean house, now sits at her computer.   There is one determined little mosquito, under the desk, and he's fixin' to commit suicide if he don't stop tasting me! The mosquitos have been noticeably worse the last several days.  It doesn't make any sense to me, because the breeze has been so much stronger. You'd think it would blow them all away...far up into the mountains.  No such luck...the air current just pushed them all into my yard.  We have been using these really neat candles to keep mosquitos away.  They are all natural aromatherapy candles and they smell really good.  Made from Lemongrass and Citronella.  It "wards off too-friendly mosquitos without the harmful side effects of most synthetic repellants."      A friend of mine introduced them to me, and I love them.

 We are trying something new at our home.  Josh is teaching Moriah her school work on Mondays and that gives me the freedom to throughly deep clean and throughly mop our large home.  Of course, while I'm still refilling sippy cups, redressing baby dolls, repicking up dolls, and all the rest of the "good" stuff that goes with being a mom.  This is definitely a perk of having a husband that has Monday's as his day "off".  He he...not any more!  We've done this for a couple of weeks and it really works out very nicely.  Our home is completely tiled and this has to be mopped regularly or dirt REALLY shows.  There's no hiding dog foot prints on white tile.  And speaking of that wonderful ball of fur that follows me around everywhere...especially through my flowerbeds...while I enjoy him immensely, he doesn't make keeping a clean house any easier.

Just to tell you how smart he is though, a few days ago, Moriah and I were in the school room.  Drago was sleeping at my feet.  I said, "Drago, go check on the girls."  He got up, went down the hall and sat at the back door where my other daughters were playing babydolls.   Just a coincidence...?....I tried it again the next day and he did the same thing.  Not bad for only 4 1/2 months old!  He is such a peace of mind to me.  I sleep better knowing he is listening.

Some of you might remember the lizard that ran out of the breaker box, a couple weeks ago, and scared me?  Well he came back.  I've got into the habit of knocking on the door of the box, every night before I open it.  If I knock hard enough the door kinda springs open....this way I can peek in.  Well yesterday, after I knocked, he was there saying "howdy".  My blood curdling scream sent the little big guy scrambling up the wall and into the girls bathroom.    There I was.. propped against the wall...clutching my chest... ragged breath...eyes the size of saucers.  My four year old (who is developing into Wonderwoman) walked over, and with raised eye brows and her hands on her hips, said in a very adult voice,
"Mom, you got to stop screaming at the lizards."
Humm....guess I need to work on that.  I just hope I don't have a heart attack before I turn 30!

This is the same daughter that called me a few days ago and said, "Mom, don't scream...but look at this."  She had found a big lizard, reclining on the lid, of one of my cleaning bottles.  She'll make a wonderful missionary wife.

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