Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 2 of No Wata

I took these pictures of the sunset, on my roof last night.

It's kinda ironic to me, to be able to see the breathtaking Caribbean Sea from my home, and be waterless in my home.

Yesterday morning when I turned the water on, in the sink, the pressure was really low. Quickly I ran to the washing machine and started filling it up. Then I ran to my bathtub and started it filling also. I remember the drill from living in Spanish Town, the first town we lived in after moving to Jamaica. There the water would be off for days, but you could always tell that the water was gonna shut off...if you happen to be paying attention and using it. I just kept my mop bucket and every available plastic container I could lay my hands on...filled to the brim!

I've been spoiled in Coral Gardens. We've only lost water 3 times since January. Because of this, I wasn't very well prepared for....this "drought". You know the scenes where the starving, dehydrated man is crawling on his hands and knees across the Sahara Desert...then all of a sudden he sees an oasis in the distance. A huge cool pool with palm trees, and flowing know the works! Well....this ain't near that bad! But I do keep imagining that I hear the water running in the drains and run to check it...but no dice!

The bathrooms are getting a little....sour. But, I love looking for things to look on the bright side about...I have a PERFECT excuse for not doing the dishes! (beaming smile) The girls were a little upset when there were no spoons for their cereal this morning...but Daddy came to the rescue and rinsed off some with our limited supply.

We have some friends visiting us, I felt so horrible last night to hand her a 2 liter bottle and say, "it's all yours!"...hope they like taking showers together! (hehehe) Some things about no water is funny.

Using lots of hand sanitizer in Jamaica,


Unknown said...

Yeah for no dish washing! =)

Sometimes we loose water here but only for a day max... okay well, we HAVE water but it very very brown. Ewewwww! Next time it happens, I'll think of this post and keep a better attitude about it.

Hope you hear the trinkling of water soon!

Jolene said...

Been there, been there, been there,... and OWN all of the t-shirts! :)

Praying for ya and seriously knowing how you feel!

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