Saturday, April 17, 2010

puddles...muddy foot prints....mop buckets

Alexis Nicole age 4

The Lord sent the rain....right after I got two loads of clothes on the line.  I really don't mind.  I love the cool breezes during the rainstorms.  It has been raining off and on since yesterday.  I let the girls...and the dog run around and splash in it a little before their bath last night.  This is becoming one of their favorite things about Jamaica .....the "ever perfect" temperature for splashing in puddles! Squeals filled the air as they chased the dog...and the dog chased them.  Then I let out a few squeals of my own as muddy Drago ran through my house!

Eden must take it for granted, now, that it's perfectly ok to play in the rain without asking.  On one side of our home, there is a long hallway that stretches from front to back.  It works really well because there is a door at each end and the breeze passes right thorough.  Today I was all the way at the back of the house, I looked toward the front of the house..out the open see my 2 year old running around in the front her birthday suit!  I took off running and hollering (yes...I try not to be a meek and mild mama...but sometimes... things need to be hollered nudity...and lizards!)   Eden had squeezed through the bars on the porch to go enjoy nature to the fullest.  She didn't understand why I was upset with her....(whisper) it was kinda cute.  My poor neighbors.

I've mopped the white tile floors 3 times today...and Josh did them once!  I can't help myself...and I can't forbid the dog from going outside to take care of things.   He's still not big enough that he can be left outside without the possibility of someone stealing him.  He's getting bigger though, we weighed him a few days ago and he was 32 lbs. at he's not 5 months yet.

I've felt a lot more sick with this baby, then the last two.  I'm nauseous most all the time, and my body is so drained and tired.  I've got in the routine of taking a cold shower with Eden after lunch and we take a nap together.  I'm not sure if this really helps me because I'm still exhausted when I get up.  I hope this will pass soon.  The cold showers are so nice though, and then we sleep in front of a fan...heavenly.

p.s. My lizard is almost always in the breaker box, when I turn the hot water on now.....maybe I should name him.  Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I hope the nausea and extreme tiredness passes soon too, Maria. That is exactly how I felt with this preganacy. I was so glad when it was over, still a little tired, but not near as bad. I can imagine it's much worse with the heat. I love you!


Anonymous said...

I can relate with the weather, my husband is from El Salvador and I have wash clothes right before the rain, and I have taking cold showers due to the heat. But next I go I will be thinking of you and your family and I wont complain. ;). Thank you for being an encouragment to me.

Always in my prayers,

Tammy Cloud said...

I think you should call the lizard Frank. I don't know why but that name just came to me. I hope the fatigue stops soon for you. I could just feel the fan on me getting out of a cold shower. I can't wait to know what this baby is. We love you guys.

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