Saturday, May 29, 2010

High in the Sky Apple Pie Hopes

Wait a minute....clothes lines aren’t supposed to point down!
Life. Don’t tell the neighbors, but right now I’m sitting in front of a fan with my feet propped up. Whew. It is muggy here. It is still a cool 84 deg in the house with 83% humidity, but it’s not even 10 in the morning. My littlest princesses are quietly playing dress up with their princess/ballerina cloths. They have a steady parade of costume changes that they trot in front of me for my smile and approval. A couple of little fast change artists. I’m always amazed how young girls can walk in high heel shoes. I love having daughters.

Princess M went with Prince Charming to the hardware store. We lost water last night, for the second time this week. Earlier in the week, it was off for 2 days. But I have high hopes....I’ve got high hopes....I’ve got high in the sky apple pie hopes....that it is gonna come back on at any minute!

My wonderful inlaws, bought us a huge water tank, that we mounted, on our house, just for such cases. When our water goes off, Josh can open the pipes on the supply tank and we can still have water. The pressure is not very good, it won’t flush the toilets, run the washing machine, or work for a shower. But it works fine for the sinks and tubs. All you need is clean bodies and clean dishes right? And you really haven’t lived until you’ve washed your hair in a bucket. That’s adventure living! I am so thankful for water.

You see, i reallllly need it back on today. You remember my last post about the flood in the yard and the big storm? Well that same night, my clothes line fell over. Normally it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. This time it was.

I’m going to confess one of my (few) faults. *For those of you who really know me....stop laughing and pay attention*

Ever since I was a little girl I have really loved hanging the clothes out on the line. I love the feeling of the breeze and the sunshine and the excuse to be outside still doing housework. It is really my favorite chore. But....much to my Prince’s annoyance....I don’t enjoy bringing them in. I know it’s silly and might look kinda lazy. Without the buzzer on the washing machine announcing “move to the next chore” I usually forget about them.... until almost dusk and I run outside to retrieve them, before the bugs settle in for the night. Clothes lines should have buzzers! Here in Jamaica, the rain comes suddenly with no warning. In my mind, it’s senseless to carry your wet clothes inside only to hang them back out again after the rain. That’s a lot of pinning and unpinning. And...they really dry fast after the rain because of the heat.

Thursday, the day of the flood, I had hung 3 loads of clothes on the line. At 11 o’clock we had to leave for a (full body shudder) dentist appointment. Another story. I really did check the clothes before we left and they were not dry enough. It started raining around noon and continued all day and most of the night. I obviously didn’t take the clothes down....hence my fault...I mean my logic. (smile) Later in the night, I looked in the backyard to find..... that to my utter dismay..... the weight from all the clothes has bent my poles until almost each and every piece of clothing was being entirely swished... back and forth... in the gathering mud... on the ground.!.!.! Who said they liked adventures?

The next morning, my friend, Tash, sloshed around in the mud with me and helped squeeze out and carry all of the muddy pieces into the house...but now they sit in mounds seeping all over the laundry room floor...waiting for the precious water to fill the pipes.

Prince Charming went to find a welder to make me another pole. Too much water...or not enough water? I’ve still got my smile. I’ve told myself not to worry about problems that I can’t fix, until I can fix them, then I have to fix them otherwise I’d be a slothful wife....and we can’t have that now can we? I know, Mariaology is pretty confusing!

Thanks for reading,


O n T Schrock said...

Hello There!
I didn't know you all had a blog, but I'm glad I've found it!
I've subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading your future posts!

Rosa B. said...

Your blog always makes me smile! :) Your positive attitude in unfavorable circumstances is a blessing. Hope you get your water back & clothes washed soon!

Gail said...

I know that you don't know me, but I feel as if I know you through your blog. I would like to share some of your experiences with our ladies group. For so many years, we have read missionary letters at monthly fellowships, but none of them have ever come close to letting people know what it is really like on the foreign mission field as your blog does. I know they would enjoy it as much as I do. I know you do this as a sort of journal for your girls to have, but thank you for sharing a part of your daily life with others as well. My prayers, Gail Moore

Beth said...

I do the same thing all the time with the laundry! At the beginnng of last week I hung a load of washing out and "forgot" to bring it in that night. During the night it started to rain. It rained for the next 5 days! Only half of the clothes came off of the line and had to be re-washed! Glad to know I'm not the only one in the world that does this!

raising4princesses said...

Mrs. Gail, I would be honored for you to read my writings and share them with your ladies. Maria

Tereza said...

your blog is really growing on me...i love your stories of your life so much!!

Tammy L said...

Hi Maria! :)

I came here from Tereza's blog. :) I love your posts!

Oh, my, that is horrible about your clothesline falling and your clean clothes all swishing in the mud!!!

I love hanging clothes outside, but not when it rains! :P

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