Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Maria, go get the pickax."

I'm sitting on my bed now listening to one of my favorite sounds...not Prince Charming's snores....but the raindrops falling outside my window.

About an hour...and a warm shower ago...I was out there in it. Trudging along with my husband wearing my water shoes. Running errands such as, "Maria go get the shovel," "Maria, go get the pickax." It's so nice to be needed.

(This guy was sitting on the top step, but could reach down and touch the was that high.")

About 8:30 he called me to come out on the front porch. I stepped out to find a huge lake in our front yard! Where's a canoe when you need one? My first thought was, "It's drowning my flowers! My beautiful cream colored rose bush is completely under water. My beautiful purple hibiscus, some Joseph's Coat, and some peppermint herb were all in pots and able to be rescued. I'll have to wait to see the rest. It's been raining steady since noon and the street outside our house looks like Dunn's River Falls. (For anyone who doesn't know what that is, it is a very popular waterfall that tourists climb.) Some of the water was gushing down the slope into our carport. Our biggest concern though, was the water in the yard...inches away from the porch floor.
(The little green leaves floating on the top of the water is the top of one of my rose bushes!)

We have another missionary staying at our house right now, so they worked together carrying buckets and shovels full of stones to divert the water. The guys still had time for fun though. One of them grabbed one of the many snails floating around in their own little boats. I won't tell you who he was...but the man sleeping on the couch tonight...threw a snail at me just as I turned. It hit me square in the forehead...yuck! Someone also, supposedly handed me their car keys. Turned out it was a frog! We were all drenched and muddy, although the only thing I really did was watch!

P.s. I seem to have caused a little static through my previous post. This is not my purpose. When I started my blog, the whole purpose was for me to have a place to record my thoughts and experiences for my daughters. The Princesses are small and probably won't remember a lot of our beginning here. I wanted... and needed... a place to record how their mommy dealt with life on the missionfield.

I am deeply honored and humbled that so many people are interested in our life in Jamaica and take the time to read about it. You are very welcome here, and your comments and emails are such a Huge encouragement to me.

Each blog I write is still for my daughters. Things I want them to know or remember. It's part of their own missionary heritage.

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Tereza said...

Aww I wish I could have been there to help you!

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