Monday, May 17, 2010


Alexis took this picture of me before we left for church, yesterday morning.

We had a really good time at church. Our numbers were a little down, but that's part of having a new church. One thing I love about church is the fellowship with other ladies. After the service, 3 other ladies and I, all about the same age, stood and talked for a long time. I love to hear them tell their stories and no one does a better "belly laugh" then a Jamaican woman. It starts down deep in their tummy and lights up their whole face. It's beautiful and you can't help but laugh also.

While we were talking I noticed some of the little girls were screaming and running around the yard. After I investigated I noticed it was my daughters making them scream. Girls and grown ladies here are TERRIFIED of frogs! I can understand that because I've see a couple the size of dinner exaggeration!

After church, last night, I scared one off of the sidewalk that was the size of both of my palms put together. Eden wanted to catch it...and she chased it it until I made her come back. I've had many older ladies tell me that all the frogs here are poisonous and that if you get close to them "they will spit in your eye and make you blind!" Sounds horrible....but I googled it. I found no where on the net of spitting poisonous frogs in Jamaica. There is a type of frogs here, called Cane Frogs, they are poisonous if eaten. So, no more frog legs for this Missouri least not in Jamaica.

Back to the screaming girls were pretending to have frogs in their hands and chasing the other kids....MY children!?!? They get it from their father....well maybe was kinda funny. Alexis was running around saying, "ribbet....ribbet...ribbet."

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Mendi... said...

Beautiful picture...
Too funny about the frogs! :o)


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