Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's a Miracle

We were able to go have an ultrasound yesterday. It was so sweet to see the baby's little heart beating on the screen. It's just a miracle.

The girls kept complaining that the waiting room was "too cold." Crazy children. They'll be running around, in the back yard...sweat dripping off of their noses....and not even notice the heat. But... put them in the a/c for 10 minutes and Alexis (especially...Alexis) thinks they're gonna turn into a popsicle. She said, "look mom, I have little kid bumps" (aka goosebumps).
We did get to watch TV (!!!) while we were waiting. Well it was kinda tv. There was a cricket match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka playing on a television mounted on the wall. I think they were speaking in English...but the sound wasn't that clear. After watching it for an hour...I can honestly say...I have no clue how to play cricket. I thought, it would be a lot like American baseball....nope. It was funny to see the fans in the stands though. They were dressed just as crazy as if they were Americans at a football game....dyed hair...face painting....chest painting....(gasp)....big foam fingers with the Pakistan flag on them....the whole "Sha-bang"!

I do think the cheerleaders were pretty extreme looked more like tribal war dances then anything else.

I washed some of the girl's greatest treasures today and hung them on the line. "Bankie", Koko-wawa, and Ethel. Where would we be without them?

Alexis says, "Mom, make sure you use hot water, Koko-wawa only likes hot baths!" Really now? I only use hot water for myself half of the you think I should do it for the cat?


Tanya Ard said...

Well???? Did you use hot water for Koko-wawa?

raising4princesses said...

If you promise not to tell Koko-wawa had a cold bath. (smile) Maria

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