Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Bag of Chocolate Bliss

I’m not sure if the clothes line dilemma is ever going to be resolved!

Hanging clothes on the veranda works ok, but it takes a considerable amount of time longer to dry. It also makes the house look kinda shabby, to have laundry strung all across the front. To buy more steel, to repair the broken pole, is going to cost around $75 US. Not a huge amount, but when you live on a tight missionary budget, such surprises are not welcome. {wince} No complaints, we just have to wait a little bit to purchase it.

Prince Charming took the lines down from the porch and hung them in the back yard again. He tied it to the neighbor’s wall. Just until we get the new pole. My wonderful washing machine was humming a tune this morning as it happily washed some more clothes. The birds were singing outside. Prince even spotted a flock of parrots, not long ago, in our yard.

I was smiling as I hung the newly washed, fresh smelling clothes on the line. My Prince was mowing our lawn..and I love the smell of fresh cut grass. The sun was shining on my back, the sea breeze was blowing through the trees. All was wonderful. I had just hung a big sheet on the line and turned for another piece. As I turned back around, the clothes line was missing. It didn’t go had to go down! Right into the freshly cut grass!!! {{UGH}}


For some reason, without warning, the line had broken. To get to the point, I had to do some more of that {blessed} pinning and unpinning to take all the clothes off again and restring the line. Actually I got the job of pulling it tight with "all my might”
while he tied the knot.

The term “Don’t sweat the small stuff” didn’t apply because the sweat was already dripping off my nose and down my shoulder blades! But I smiled about how the phrase came into my head.

Instead of instantly pinning the clothes back on, I chose to go the kitchen and get a bag of melted ...milk chocolate chips. Apparently, it is to hot in my home to leave them on the counter over night! Hence the bag of chocolate bliss! I found a shady spot in the yard and sucked on the corner of the bag. Hiding from my children!


Kayte said...

I'm so releived to know I'm not the only mom who hides in a corner to devour some chocolate every once in a while! I was recently guilty of putting my sweet but naughty at the moment children, and their cousins all in time out in various spots around the house long enough for me to stand in the kicthen and carf a piece of chocolcate cake. It was really for good of everyone that day. =)

momto9 said...

So funny about the chocolate:) I'd be doing the same thing:) Hopefully the laundry got done and you got a good nights sleep!

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