Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Do With What You Got

If there's one thing that I've learned about life on the mission field, it is that sometimes you have to improvise and use a little bit of creativity. Some times fun...sometimes exciting...sometimes frustrating. I've always enjoyed a good challenge. :)

For a couple of weeks I have been tossing around the idea of starting a few posts entitled.."Do with what You Got"." I think it will be a combination of crafts, recipes, kids activities.... whatever pops into my little ol' crowded mind. But I would like to stick with the theme of using something I already have to make something special.

This first project happened by accident. Apparently... you should check that one of your “little kitchen helpers" didn't switch the mixer to "on" before you plug it into the wall.

Especially if you already have it in the bowl!

Especially if you just added a generous amount of coloring.! Yes, and I even have the now permanently speckled white shirt to prove it!

After my beautiful wooden knife holder became splattered with blue...have I ever mentioned I detest.....that sounds to strong....lets just say, I’d never choose anything blue over another color. I got the idea of painting it black and then painting our Family initial on it. When I told Prince Charming he wrinkled his nose, then said, “Well... it’s yours.” I love a supportive husband! After several layers of paint and severe threats to the princesses to “not touch”. I was very happy with the finished product. I love to paint things.

p.s. This is George the lizard. I know it’s not a very great picture, but he doesn’t like to pose very much. He has been camping out under the knife block for about 3 days now. I scare him off, then the next time I wiggle the knife block he runs out again. Every baby lizard we find we call “George” it gives me something to scream instead of just a plain ol’ scream. {{smile}}

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momto9 said...

My boys would totally get a kick out of George runnin' a muck:)

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