Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Live simply.....Live well {period}

"You really have nothing.”  Mom said as we were cleaning house, then we laughed.

 Mom said this in a conversation that we were having one day while she was visiting. She was talking about how easy it is to clean up and organize a home when there's no clutter. Mom meant it in the best possible way and I was not hurt or insulted at all. It did put a thought in my head that I pushed back to "chew on" later.

I was a little surprised at her words. I'm very happy and content with the things I have.   {I smile}... if she thinks that now, Mom should have seen the place 9 months ago! When we first moved here, we didn't have fans, pillows, mattresses, or any furniture. Now, I kinda "forgot" to pay attention to the things I'm doing without. PLEASE....don't think I'm Mrs. Perfect, I don't want to come across in that way! I'm not meaning that at all. I still have days where I dream about driving MYSELF to go shopping in real stores and drool over my daydreams of American restaurants....and I'd so love to visit a Hobby Lobby for a few days! {40% off coupon, baby!!!}

One thing that always caught my attention in women missionary stories is how little they did without. Please don't think I'm comparing myself to them!!! I'm completely aware that I have sooooo much more then they ever dreamed of having!

Before moving to Jamaica last year, I had a HUGE yard sale. I sold mostly everything that wasn't a priority and that couldn't fit in the 7 barrels we shipped to the Island. The princesses and I said good bye to a lot of extra clothes, toys, furniture, household, and a {literal!} ton of misc. I was really, really nervous about selling MY belongings. I was afraid that I would be
("poor me, I have to sell my treasures"),
("But that was her first doll" "My favorite baby dress"... etc),
("drop dead, lady, there's no way I'll let you take those curtains for $2, I paid $45 for them!!! I'm only selling because...")
even jealous
("that suit looked good on me, she'll never look that nice in it.")

See what I mean? The wicked sinner in me can be so....{I can't even think of a word to describe it.}

A whole mixture of emotions flooded through my mind.

But it wasn't like that at all. When the day came to set up tables and sell, the "peace that passeth all understanding" filled me. God is so amazing. My great friend, Christina, came and helped for two days and I didn't cry or lose my "cool" once. It was a refreshing, cleansing feeling and the turning of the pages to the next chapter of my life, as a missionary.

You know what God taught me then {and I still am learning truths for}?

Please don't miss this, it is so precious to me.
When it really comes down to where you have to choose among your possessions there is a careful sorting of priorities. If life is simple, the simple things held onto must be of lasting value.

Life's clutter was gone and only the things of true value and worth were be cherished. This could apply to material things, friends, personal attitudes or spiritual.

(my main wonderful husband.  I’m so blessed.)

There is a little wooden sign {from Hobby Lobby} that hangs in my guest room. It reads, "Live simply...Live well". God is so good to me.


A Project of a Lifetime... said...

Great read, Maria! With building our home, it helps to put in perspective what we really need or maybe just want:) We appreciate all you do serving the Lord! Thank you for being a blessing!

missionary mama said...

Great post, Maria! I agree wholeheartedly. It's hard at the time to pick and choose what should go with you and what should be left behind. BUT, in the end the most important things are the hubby and kiddos that are beside you and the people that need you on the field. I know it sure helps me when I am feeling a bit down at the things I am "missing" to look at all the wonderful things I do have and at how little the people here have. We truly our rich--rich in possessions, but even better rich in blessings!! :)
As always, thanks for sharing! Love ya!

Rachel Winkler said...

I wanted to send you an email, but I can't find a way to do that through your blog. Am I missing it?
Missionary in Estonia

Nomad said...

Hi, Maria!

My name is Lisa, and we met on deputation at a church in TN about four years ago. I was thrilled to find this blog and read an update on you! :-) (Don't worry, I don't expect you to remember me; we meet a LOT of people on deputation!)

As I read this post I had to add a hearty "Amen". We're in Zambia now, and have been in our own house for a year now. (The first several years we were in county we house sat... long story!) There are still so many things I long for, to make my house "homey" to me. But when it comes down to it, any place that holds my husband and our daughters is my home. No matter where, no matter what we do ( or don't!) have! Thanks for the reminder!

Kayte said...

Love it! I "forget" about what I am "missing" too... though not a missionary and def. have more STUFF than you... but we are not "charge it" kind of people so when we are lacking something, we wait. And sometimes while we wait, I forget all about it! ;)And cleaning is the easier for it!

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