Saturday, July 31, 2010

Playing with a Pepper Shaker

My feet hit the floor early this morning.  Ok....maybe not early by other people’s standards...but 7:40{ish} is still early.  Prince Charming had said that the man who owns our house wanted to do a “walk through” today and make sure we hadn’t put any holes in the {concrete} walls or anything like that.  Our home is owned by a Jamaican who lives in the States.  Ironic....I know.

He gave me a 2 day notice...wise man.  He had three daughters of his own and maybe he remembers that woman don’t like surprises that don’t include chocolate.  The greeting  “hello, I’m coming in to inspect your home,” would not have been met with a smile on this mama’s face.  That thought makes me shudder....and gives me an immense desire to give dark looks.   

Well, I sloshed some frosted flakes in one princess's bowl and baked up two quick bowls of brown sugared oatmeal for the 2 little princesses.  Next, I quickly began running from room to room picking up discarded articles of clothing that my family so sweetly leaves for me to search out.  Surprise {!!!} a 3 day old wet swim suit in the corner.  UGH!  I always try to get the laundry started early (if there's sunshine) because we get lots of surprise drenching "goose drowned-ers".

The princess's bedroom has been invaded by a bunch (a truck load) of tiny little gnat looking bugs.  On the bright side they seem to all be dead.  Last night, my little ones were innocently {and quietly...big content sigh} playing in their bedroom floor with their littlest pet shops.  I was in the other room folding a huge pile of laundry.  When a loud exasperated cry for "MAMA!" came bouncing through the house.  As I ran through the hall I was picturing a giant roach (which Prince killed in his office once tonight).  Bracing myself, I look in the door to find hundreds of tiny black specks covering the white tiled floor.

Prince {bravely} came and cleaned them up.  He said they were "just" flying in the window, going for the light, and dying almost instantly.  He swept them up twice before bedtime.  This morning, the whole floor and the adjoining bathroom looks like they {my sweet little princesses} emptied a pound of pepper on it.  Strange.  But like I said they appear to be mostly dead.

Dead bugs I can handle just fine.

Prince said they seem to be a bunch of them hatching from somewhere outside.  This mental picture doesn't give me much joy.

One day this last week, the same looking little bugs invaded my clothes line and covered every piece of clothing. I tried to shake them off, but when that didn't work I gave them a watery grave in a tub full of bleach water.   Bahahahaha.

I'm off for now, I have to make the kitchen look presentable which  means washing the pans from last night.  Ugh...where's the maid when I need her?  {smile}

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