Monday, August 9, 2010

Dad, Tambourines, Vitamins, Peter Pan....Ramblings of a Pregnant Lady

Hello, from my little corner of the world.  This emotional, pregnant lady has to write.  I'm not even sure if I'll hit the publish button, but writing helps me clear my head.  You'd be surprised at how many unpublished blog entries are sitting in my posting box.  My emotions are a little more in motion today, because my thoughts have been on my dad.  He has finished his deployment in Afghanistan and is traveling back to the States (and mom's waiting arms!)  I so proud of them both, it is so hard to be without your spouse.  Missionaries do have a rough time being without their families.  Still, most of us missionary wives get to snuggle up next to our honey's come night fall.  I can't imagine sleeping in a cold bed knowing your man is in a dangerous desert somewhere.  I have so much respect for the military.  I cried tears today, wishing I could be at the airport to welcome dad home.  Ugh.....what's wrong with me?  I'll see him in less then 6 weeks.  I think I may be pregnant?  {wink...wink}

O.k., {deep breath}  I've got it under control.

We had a beautiful Lord's day at Spot Valley Independent Baptist Church.  They sang the choruses with their whole heart.  The sweet sounds of their voices {mixed with the tambourine} literally burst out of the open windows!  God is so good to us.   As my husband opened his Bible to begin the morning sermon, I noticed a large goat grazing outside the window....not unusual, but it made me smile.   "Jamaica, land we love."

At 22 weeks now, my newest little prince/princess is growing fine, twirling and dancing their own little minuet in my belly.  I love to feel it's tiny presence.  I was laying on my bed yesterday (in front of a fan) and Moriah climbed up beside me.  I took her hand and placed it on my belly.  She was amazed to feel the tiny kicks.  She was 4 when Eden was born and she is at the age now where it is so exciting.  She's voting for another sister, whom she decided Friday, should be named Wendy (off of Peter Pan).  

I have felt extremely exhausted the last few days.  Don't ask.... I'm taking my vitamins, Grandma.  So I allow myself lots of breaks sitting on the couch, in front of a fan, watching good ole {educational} I Love Lucy!  I can't help it...she's my best "pick me up"!  The beginning of the week was bearable heat, but the last 4 days has been.....HOT.  The princesses and I have taken many cold showers, and even played in the sprinkler that Grandma brought us (once poor neighbors!).  

It doesn't seem to help much though, cause this whitie constantly has sweat dripping off her chin.  I'm not gonna know how to react when I get back up North and makeup actually stays on my face and the curling iron doesn't sizzle as you curl your sweaty hair!  

p.s. I have a really cute "Do with What You Got" project to show.  Hopefully tomorrow.


Nina in Portugal said...

Bless your heart...all the way around!

Your Daddy, Your emotions, the heat and your lack of energy.

But praise the Lord for precious souls there in Jamaica that will sing praises unto God...even with a goat in the church yard!

God is Good!

Rachel said...

Always enjoying reading your blog! Love to hear what is in your heart. You do such a wonderful job of sharing it with others.

Happy's the best job in the world!!!

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