Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Baby, Our Decision

Well, many of you have been asking and we've finally come to a decision.

Prince Charming booked tickets for me and two of the princesses to fly back to Missouri in September.  After much deep thought and prayer we have decided to go back to the States to have our fourth baby.  There were MANY factors that figured in, and I've made and remade lists (I love to do that!) of pros and cons.  One of the top deciding factors, for us,  is that we really want the baby to have an American birth certificate.  Birth certificates are so important and I know I've had to use the other princesses birth certificates for several important things.  It will be a lot simpler and more beneficial to have an American birth certificate for all of the children.  

If born in Jamaica, the baby would still be American by "blood" and have rights there, because of it's parents.  Our American citizenship is very special to us and we would like to give our children the same opportunity.

Another factor for us is the hospital system here. The private doctor I've been seeing is good and thorough at my appointments.  I believe that she would do a good job, but if there were any emergency complications....... it would not be good.   They would immediately send me or the baby to the big, ancient community hospital.  It isn't as modern as I would like, or as sanitary.  I'll leave it at that.  If something was seriously wrong with my baby, there is no possibility of rushing it back to the States.  Birth certificates here can take around a year to receive and then the passport after that.

Some decide to have their babies overseas, and that is just fine and dandy for them.  I think it is a decision that only the parents can make and they must feel completely comfortable with it.

I will miss the Island and our little church (and my German Shepherd, Drago) very much.  But, I won't lie and tell you I haven't been planning and dreaming of walking through the Walmart aisles ever since my ticket was booked!

I {heart} my princesses!!!


Heather ♥ {Missionary Mama} said...

So true, Maria. Nobody can make that decision, but you and your hubby, I know. Every situation is different with its pros and cons. I know that it is a hard call to make, but I am glad that you and Josh were able to have peace and make your decision. Praying for you and baby! :)

Anonymous said...

Awe! Glad you have peace about your decision. Just curious, which of your girls gets to stay with Daddy? Will he be able to come to the states for the birth?

raising4princesses said...

Heidi, Allie is daddy's girl. They are flying out a few days after us and going to Louisiana to visit family and visit churches down there. I think he talked to your dad already about visiting your church.

missionarymomma said...

I left you a note the other day after noticing that you have two bloggers who call themselves "missionary momma" but then, I did something wrong and deleted the message. Sometimes, i leave you messages and then you respond to Heather and I could not figure out who Heather was until I just learned that she is also "missionarymomma".
Anyway, I am so excited for you to visit Walmart... sometims just a break like that can make you realize how much you really do like Jamacia and I think you will be happy when it's time to go "home" again.
Our "jungle" baby was born in the Philippines. She gets no birth certificat but she did get two passports one for the Philippines and one or the US. That can sometimes be helpful to have a citizen in the country where you reside too. Also, in place of a certificate the Unitd States issues a born abroad certificate. You maybe know all of this already.
Our last baby just born 15 days ago was born in th States. How very thankful I am that he was because we DID have a complication. :-( Praise the Lord we were where we needed to be at that time. Glad you have peace. For us, this will be a hard and big decision if the Lord blesses us with another baby.
Somehow, I feel happier in the States to deliver my baby even though, the US ranks 37th in the world for health care and has one of the highest c-section rates anywhere.
Have been praying for you and baby and will keep it up. Enoy your return trip. Maybe you will get those lovely ABEKA books you wrote about.
Sj just another "missionarymomma"

raising4princesses said...

Wow, Missionarymomma. I'm so glad you pointed that out. The other Missionary Mama is a dear friend, I'm so glad to "meet" you. I went to your site, you sure have your hands full! They are all so adorable, and congrats on your new miracle.

Jolene said...

Love the pics of your pretty, pretty girls.

Enjoy Wal-Mart, my dear! We'll be heading there not too much longer after you... in October. And, yes, Wal-Mart will be my first stop too!

Beth said...

I'm so happy for you that you get to go to Wal-Mart! The last time we went to the states I wanted to spend all day in there!

Unknown said...

Cute shots of the princesses! I bet it's nice to just have a plan. I can't say for sure but I'm inclined to think I would do the same. It'll be nice to visit with family as well!

Tinyla said...

I am so glad you are coming to Missouri!!! We are only about 2 hours from the Missouri line. Are you going to be in Kahoka ( I think that is where you are from right)? I would love to visit you all. - T

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