Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fabric Flower Fetish (DWWYG)

Prince received a phone call this morning, before we were even out of bed.  One of the national pastors had both of his vehicles break down, and he needed help working on them.  My man is definitely "a man's man".  He loves to work with his hands and getting good and greasy doing mechanic "stuff".  I have the pile of stained grimy looking shirts to prove it!

He got dressed, and headed up the coast to help out his friend.  He allowed Princess Moriah to come along.  This was a nice break for school today!  I know it's only the end of our 2nd week, but there's nothing wrong with a "snow day" now and then!  {smile}

The little princesses and I spent a lazy morning.  Eating cookies and milk for breakfast then tidying the living room and school room.  

The creative bug has been buzzing around the house the last few days and it bite me.  {ouch!}

After a few attempted tries and messing up the living room's what I created.

This was fun.  For those, interested here's what I did.

Step #1 I cut three thin strips of material, the whole width of the material.  I know, I know, everything I sew is from Fancy Nancy material!  That just happens to be all I have.  JoAnne's is a few thousand miles away.  {smile}
Step #2  Lay the strips all out and take a couple stitches at the top to hold it together.  
Step #3  Then you braid the material loosely.  Forgive the ugly looking foot.   Using my feet is a trick I learned from my mother.  She'd be very proud that her grandbabies pick things up with their toes just the same!
Step #4 I cut some small circle shapes (the size I wanted my flowers to be) out of the cardboard on a cereal box.  Then I started hot gluing in a twisty circle, staring from the center.  After I had circled around all that I could, I tucked the edge under the bottom and put a dab of glue to hold in place.

Ta Da!  I {heart} making things.  Especially {pink} things that my girls like.  

This one I added tulle around the edges.  Anything girlie.

I got this idea from this blog   Inside BluCrew Life .

Here are some more really cute fabric flower ideas A Shabby Life blog.

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Shabby Anne said...

Hello to Jamaica! Thanks so much for linking to my post to the linky party about making flowers. I love your 'island foot action' you have going on there..just sit out in the sun and make you some flowers.

Oh and the wash hanging on the line is wonderful. It reminds me of my mother's wash days.

Love and Peace,


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