Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Laying in a Pink Tent

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

After some school, in the morning, we went outside to play in the yard.  The princesses and I ended up making a pretty, fun {pink} tent in the yard.  I love their imaginations.  I packed a container of crackers and bottled water and we had fun laying in the breeze (flicking the ants off the rugs).  Just like my mother, I turned it into a science project!  There were a lot of ants, but they weren't biting us, so we "studied" them.  I talked about how they have 3 parts to their body, and we let some walk on our hands to see them up close.  I let the girls grind up crackers, and the ants promptly started carrying little pieces home.  Our science "lesson" then went to how they can carry so much weight and then about their homes.  I love being a mom.

We, also, went to see our Jamaican baby doc.

  Princess Eden fell asleep in the waiting room.  Ok, I'll confess I did too.  I couldn't help myself this time.  There is air conditioning (one of God's amazing creations!) there and it just relaxes me so!  There wasn't room for all of us to sit together, because the room was so crowded.  Josh and the bigger girls had to sit around the corner.  I dozed off for a minute or two and woke to find Eden asleep beside me, sucking her thumb, and her feet propped up, in the lap of the lady next to her!!!  I was so embarrassed, and apologized as I tucked her feet back into her chair!

Daddy sat with the sleeping beauty while Alexis went in with me to visit my doctor.  She is a wonderful Christian lady.  We were discussing something and she told me to, "Jus pray 'bout it.  God will take care of it."  As we were listening to the heart beat she declared, "You 'ave a nice strong 'ealthy bebe."  The doctor asked Alexis if she wanted a sister or brother.  Alexis said, "a girl."  When the doctor asked her why she didn't want a brother, Alexis said, " I love Daddy the most."

Very sweet, honest answer.  She wouldn't want to share Daddy with a baby brother.  She is definitely Daddy's girl.

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