Sunday, August 15, 2010

No Lizards At the Table

"No lizards at the lunch table!  Sit it on the floor and if he's there when you clean your plate, you can pick him up again."  Yes, I actually said that.  And with an even and matter-of-fact tone.  What kind of a mother am I turning into????

It all started like this...or if you prefer.....Once Upon a Time (it's sounds more dreamy)

 Mom slowly reaches consciousness and, without even opening her eyes, realizes that there are {three} extra people sitting on her bed.  Really?  Is it even daylight yet?   Mom feels like she's been hit by a bus full of tourists.  (The big, blue kind that have the long mirrors hanging down the side.  Filled with the people wearing bright flowered tropical shirts and sunglasses!)  As mom tries to turn over, a wave of nausea overtakes her.  Mom decides she's gonna play the "if I don't open my eyes and see them...then they can't see me" game.   Mom contemplates playing the game for a few more hours.   For some reason, she has felt {extra} pregnant the last few days.  Really weak and with a constant upset stomach.

Ugh! Realization hits mom that today is Sunday and she really does have to get up and face the world.  Mom quickly repents for wishing today was Monday!!!

(Just for the record I LOVE Sundays... they're just my biggest workday, so they require the most energy.  Energy is definitely not something I would describe myself as having today.)  

Mom stumbles out of bedroom humming "hi-ho hi-ho it's off to work I go".   She pushes the princesses ahead of her, similar to herding cattle.  Tripping over discarded toys and clothes, mom heads in the general direction of the kitchen.  Oh, mom realizes that she must remind the littlest princess to stop off in the "little girl's room".  Mom quickly passes out bowls of fruit loops, then starts the coffee and  a batch of lemon muffins.  Mom decides to sit and count how many drips of coffee go into the pot.  (A made up task to rest her feet! hehe)

1 drip....2 drip....oh, reality sets's Sunday, woman!  You don't have time to sit down.  Mom jumps up and frowns at the refrigerator.  Behind that sealed door rests a big fat chicken, waiting to be cleaned, seasoned, and put to rest in the crockpot for dinner.  Uh-oh, someone needs more cereal in their bowl.  Everyone happy again, mom again contemplates the chicken.  For some reason, the thought of cleaning the innards out of anything right now makes mom gag.  Mom really wants to go back to playing the "you can't see me" game.

Mom takes a break, to clean up spilled milk off table.  And recruit someone little to cut up the green peppers to put in with the chicken.

Mom takes a deep breath, grabs the chicken by the ankles and "goes to town".  She tries to fill her mind with images of anything but what her fingers are touching.  Finally the bird lays sweetly in the crock pot, resting soundly in a bed of fresh onions, green pepper, garlic, and Lowery's seasoning salt.  Mom feels a small sense of accomplishment as she goes to layout clothes, search for proper shoes, and matching hairbows.

At the ironing board a friendly little gecko jumps around the board, speeding mom's heart rate up a little.  Then, the cute little guy settled on the edge and watched as mom smoothed out the wrinkles on her skirt.  Mom carries on a conversation with him and is almost positive he nods in understanding.  {for true!}

Finally heading out the door (much later), mom is excited about {the few minutes of} sitting in the a/c on the ride to church!  The a/c feels so good that she doesn't even care, when half way to church she finds out, that the littlest princess is wearing her sister's flip flops.

Uplifting song service, soul convicting sermon (by Prince Charming), lives changed at invitation.  God is so good.

Mom is encouraged about the opportunities that God gives her to serve  Him.

Mouth-watering smell of chicken greets the family as they get home.  Mom smiles, thinking about how she should have put some sort of sleeping powder in it to insure she gets an afternoon nap.  Now there's an idea!

After a cold shower, Princess Eden and mommy are laying in bed.  Eden pats mom's belly and says, "Me, Baby?"  Mommy smiles and says, "Yes, that's Eden's baby."  Eden leans over mom's {very round} tummy.  Mom is sure she's about to witness a tender and precious scene.

Eden leans over and puts her mouth on mom's belly like a kiss....then blows as hard as she can!  Making "that" noise and then laughing with her head back.  

     ...and they all lived happily ever after...The End


De Novo Style said...

You have a wonderful way of telling stories!! Miss you all. You are in our prayers daily.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet little story. You are very brave with the lizzards and geckos.

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