Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reason # 2,487 That I {Heart} Having 3 Daughters

Don't get me wrong....husbands are great and fun.

But how can you top a movie night with the girls? 
 Eating buttery popcorn and brownies 
and painting each others toenails.
(ok...I should admit that Daddy made the brownies!) 

 We started with Shirley Temple in Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm.  It was the first time the princesses ever saw it and they loved it.  I have a feeling they're gonna be walking around {for a long time}singing 

            "If I had one wish to make....
   I'd want an old straw hat, a suit of overalls, and a worn out pair of shoes."  

They loved Shirley Temple as much as I did as a little girl.  They then convinced me to watch "just one more, mama" I cried my way through The Little Princess.  I tried to prepare myself the whole movie...knowing full well that she'd find her daddy in the end.  It didn't work....I looked like I'd been cutting up a pound of onions, as little Shirley hugged her wounded daddy begging him to recognize her!

I have lots of memories of watching movies with just mom and my three sisters....why does time have to fly?

Daddy and Drago hid, {from all the girlie stuff} in the office, working on the mornings message.

I caught this picture of someone's {silly} children, sitting outside playing dollies.

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