Sunday, August 22, 2010

Knock Your Socks Off!

We had an amazing Sunday, here at Spot Valley!  A few weeks ago we had our highest Sunday morning attendance.  We had 33 in that morning service and we were praising the Lord.

This morning, the Good Lord, saw fit to give us an extra special day.
     At the close of the service, I counted 51 {!!!!!} Jamaicans in the Church room!  

When we started the service this morning, there were already 30 people.  As we started to sing the choruses, young men started trickling in .  All during the song service and into the beginning of the message, more teenage boys kept coming every few minutes.  It wasn't long before we ran out of chairs, and they started bringing in stools and benches to sit on.  There was so many people in the room that when I looked around at invitation time, there were even a few sitting around the door on stools because they wouldn't fit in!  This summer, there has been a football team living, at the school, where we hold our services.  21 of the young men decided to come to our service this morning.  There is another church that holds services at the school, also, so we were really honored that they chose ours.

They were very attentive and respectful.  Prince delivered a wonderful message about Salvation, and we pray that seeds were planted.  I stood at the back door, at invitation time.  I watched as 9 or 10 teenage boys crowded around sharing a song book, so they could all sing the words to "Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling."

Don't you just love the days, when you think it's just gonna be "same-ole same-ole"....but then our Great Big Wonderful God decides to "just knock your socks off"?

On the way home, Eden was sitting on my lap....yes, I kids are going to get a huge culture shock when they get back to the world of car seats!  Princess Eden pointed out an airplane flying close over us.  We live only about 10 minutes from the Montego Bay airport, so we see them all the time.  I asked Eden if she wanted to ride on one.  She got excited and said, "Yes!"  Prince said, "Well you're going to have to give daddy some kisses first."  Eden is very picky about giving out affection, so she laughed and said, "no."  A few hours later, at nap time, she called Daddy and told him to lay down beside her.  She fixed his pillow.  When daddy was comfortable she leaned over and said, "Now, me ride airplane?"

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