Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Banana Peels and Snails

Didn't want to get out of bed.  Didn't want to leave the cool morning breezes floating across my pillow.  Definitely didn't want to stand over a hot stove to cook a bunch of pancakes.  Didn't want to deal with sticky messy syrup on dishes, tabletop, children, and floor.
   Then someone little gives me a hug and says, "Thanks, mom, I love pancakes for breakfast."

Maybe it's worth it.

Didn't want to tidy up the living room.  Didn't want to have to bend over to pickup all the discarded clothes and forsaken toys. Ugh....didn't want to find the banana peel under the couch pillow.  {nasty}  Definitely didn't want to squeal when I discovered a big snail climbing the living room wall.
     Then someone little comes rushing in, sure that any time mama screams there is a lizard or some other {amazing} creature to inspect.  Their eyes light up as they pluck the snail off the wall and run to show their sisters.  Maybe something that gives "someone" so much happiness is not all bad.

Maybe it's worth it.

Didn't want to carry one more load of laundry to the line.  Didn't want to feel the sweat run down my back as I reached up into the sunshine to hang another piece.  Didn't want to.....

But then, as I brush my hair off my face and take my eyes off myself.  Someone little comes walking around the house, wearing unmatching flip flops, her dress inside out and backwards and carrying a baby doll.  In her other little hand is a tall, skinny weed.   Picked just for mama.

Maybe it's worth it.

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