Friday, August 27, 2010

For the Love of Suitcases

Have I ever casually mentioned {ranted and raved} my hatred for suitcases?  After traveling for 4 years and literally living out of them the entire time...I grew to hate the horrendous things.

Many times,  I've  bounced {up and down} on the top of one....trying to cram our necessities together... then slowly pulling the strained zipper to seal it all in.

Many times, my tiny children followed behind in a line, as we lugged (very appropriate word, wonder if that is how it received it's name?) it all up to the 3rd story of some motel that didn't have any elevators. elevator...we stayed in some "dousies".  The wonderful ones where you continually wake up throughout the night to check and make sure you're vehicle is still in the parking lot! {good times}

Occasionally, visions of burning the suitcases, in a giant mound, after we reached the Island, would help me keep my sanity.  Some mound it would've been...if I remember right, when he moved here, we brought around 16 or 17 suitcases.  I can't remember without going back and looking up a past blog.

Well, {needless to say} Prince Charming wouldn't let me strike the match.  {pity}

Good thing, really, because now I must be investing all my {dwindling} brain power, on what to pack  for our short medical furlough.  The count down is on.  In less then three weeks, I will be flying back to my beloved Missouri....back to my waiting family.  Honestly though, {I realize} that the grandparents are more excited to see the little princesses, I'm bringing back with me, more then me.  That's how it goes...little cute people get all the breaks.

This morning, I sorted through some of the princesses "attire", to see what would be suitable to take back to the States...and {hopefully} to the much cooler weather.

My fun day was enhanced when the clothes line snapped 3 {!!!!} times this morning.  Which always includes a lot of re-pinning and re-pinning....and a couple of frustrated (but sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar) calls (ok...I'll admit the calls got louder each time and a little more cinnamon then sugar) to Prince Charming to come fix them.  Triple...ugh!  Then a huge rain cloud decided to sneak up on me.  Praise the Lord, I heard it's beautiful rumbling approach and removed most of the articles.

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