Friday, August 27, 2010

Story Book Romance

My Handsome Prince and I.  (summer 2010)

I'm living this girl's fairytale. {content sigh}

This adventure, we call life, is what you make of it. 
You're castle may not be located uptown, your banquet table might not have the best spread,
 and your ball gown may not be from the finest cut .  

How is the view from your Prince's angle?  
Is his castle tidy?  Is his dinner on the table?  
And only you, know his favorite gown {wink, wink}.  

“Some people have a story book romance...
some people write their own.”  

Treat him like a Prince and you will always be his Princess,


momto9 said...

ha...that is totally true! Love your perspective!

Jessica Curtis said...

So sweet! And the pictures look so neat. Curious, what program did you use?

raising3princesses said...

Jessica, I've been playing with Photobucket. They have a setting called antique photo...i think. But I like to sharpen and lighten them too. Fun.

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