Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Winner and Airport Observations

So sorry, it has been a little hectic in my world lately. 
My drawing ended Friday....yes, I've been very MIA!  (You'll have to read to the end to find out the winner, or just scroll down if curiosity is killing you!  I'll never know if you came here just to see if you won or not.) 

You scrolled down didn't you?   Just teasing.

Seems like there are so many last minute details when you're closing up your 3rd world house, for a few months.  I woke up Monday morning, energized and ready to tackle all the tasks at hand.  Guess what?  No water or electricity.   I guess I could have washed the gigantic load of laundry by hand.....but I'd probably still be there....elbow deep in cold soapy water.  The electricity came back, on a little before lunch time.  I {heart} fans!  They make life so much more bearable. 

5 AM Tuesday morning, we were at the airport, starting our long journey.  Very uneventful day....thankfully.

Sitting, on my fourth plane of the day, seriously considering asking the guy across the aisle to rub my sore, throbbing feet, I wrote down a few silly {but true} observations. 

1. You don't have to speak any English to get a job working at an American airport directing Americans. 
2. There's nothing to colorful, to exotic, or to risque to wear at an airport.  Everything is accepted.
3. A stewardess can look innocent and smile while telling you that the tiny piece of wool (they call a blanket) is $8.
4. All it takes for your children to "snap" is someone to comment how good and well behaved they are.
5. I think the stewardesses strategically plan the beverage service so you have to use the {itsy bitsy} bathroom 20 seconds after the captain turns on the "buckle seat belts" light.
6. People on the plane to "home" always look more normal and friendly to you then all the rest of the people have all day.  I wonder if this is true for everyone?

A little before 8 at night, I made it safely into the St. Louis airport and to my parents and little brothers.  Dad took us to eat at Cracker Barrel.  I'm gonna gain so much weight in the States! took me to KRISPIE KREME......Hallelujah!  The 2 box of doughnuts sat {not so safely} on my lap on the ride to my parents house.

Life is great!  After a lonnnnnng hot shower I fell asleep thoroughly relishing the a/c in my parents home!  1 o'clock in the morning....and here I am just afraid to fall asleep because I'm so comfortable....truly comfortable. 

Drum roll please......the winner is.....Carol!!!!  Congrats to you, I'll be contacting you very soon and mailing out your pound of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee!  Thanks for all the participants that was really fun.


Beth said...
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Beth said...

Hope you have a great time with your family! Eat some Krispie Kremes for me! :)

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